6125 Fragment 3

scratch scratch.

Another notch added to my water bottle, 27 in total now. Been running low on food for a while, it'll be gone soon. Not like any of my unwanted companions will give me any.

Amusingly, their incessant racket is what keeps me going, without it I'd probably have ended up like John. Rocking back and forth, slowly crying, trying to find peace in this hellscape.

Talking of that, it's odd. With a proper light source and the lack of the fucking demons on my back, I'd have probably found this place fascinating.

Although it isn't anything like modern-day society, they've got the remnants of towns down here. A species used to live here. Though my wonder quickly fades, stepping on the bones of some forgotten creature. Its sharp snap bringing me back to my senses, the screaming of "join us" and "revenge" echoing in my ears.

Humanoid skeletons are strewn across the ground, like a discarded children's toy; forgotten and left to decay for all of eternity; until my big fucking feet landed on them, that is.

I've seen a lotta churches too. That seems to be a big part of this place. Lots of fucking huge creepy churches dedicated to god knows what. Ha ha, get it?. Not that I wouldn't love for a God to swoop down and give me a small helping hand. Considering what this place is like currently, they can't have been great gods.

There also seems to be some kinda collar on most of the bodies, around the necks usually. Engraved with some fancy symbols, like those on the pillar before we entered here. Though I didn't understand much of what the scientist folk said before we entered, I understood that this was a previous world of some sort, one prior to ours.

History seems to fascinate some people, I never really got the charm. Past is the past for a reason, right?

Thinking about the bones, these poor sods were probably slaves, collar should've given it away, but I'm not exactly in the best mind to think right now. The screaming bastards in my ear are probably their unhappy ghosts. Seems a bit excessive to pick on a random who was just having a look though. Perhaps that's what millennium of anger does.

Slaves to what I have no idea though, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of workplaces in any of the towns I passed. No food either, unfortunately, not that I was expecting to find any, but it's always good to have hope.

There are occasional lulls in the endless noise, kinda eerie really. Like those things are planning something. I almost feel at home in the tv static screams now, amusingly. Once something so simple is taken away for long periods of time, it's hard to adjust to it being back.

On the topic of their incessant voices, they seem to hate whenever I go near any of the churches. Weird given they built so god damn many of them. I thought I'd try praying in one yesterday, passed out before I could get inside. Felt like my head was in a tightening vice.

I can feel the hunger pangs gnawing at my stomach. Got no food left, just checked. Drinking the last of the water I got can only do so much.

I either submit to the fuckers in my head, or die of hunger and thirst.

Whenever I pass out, I get these weird visions of small humanoid creatures, hunched over and collared.

They seem at peace is their giant churches. Ends up calming me slightly too.

If anyone reads this, don't try mess with the guys in the highest reality plane, most of them will tear you limb from limb whilst laughing at your mangled corpse. I'm seeing swathes of death before my eyes, giant formless beings with bright red eyes sweeping across the land.

theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay

I am barely able to stay conscious so someone better be fucking listening, it feels like thousands of red hot needles slowly being pushed into my skull. Those things had churches built to worship them, but they were no god. Demon scum.

theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay

The Elders are maniacs with the power of Gods. They enslaved entire races to generate akiva radiation and obtain unbridled power.

The previous version of our universe collapsed due to an uprising against them from what I saw, which only sort of worked. Currently they are all sealed in the highest reality plane, but certain ones have gained followings on earth, I'm sure you know the groups I mean. If those things can enter, you are fucked.

I doubt I'll wake again. The memories given to me are nearing their miserable end.

STF Rho-7, Dan Fisher.

theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay theywillpay

They will pay

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