Item#: 6095
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6095 is currently self-containing. Following the events of Incident Report 6095-1, SCP-6095 is to be kept in a humanoid containment chamber 11.5km under Site-43, and any interaction between the object and all forms of sentient fauna is prohibited unless absolutely necessary. A singular individual from an SCP-6095-B instance is to remain present within the containment chamber as a means of indirect communication with the object.

When it is necessary to be within 10km of SCP-6095, all personnel are to be amnesticized following interaction. To enable long-distance communication, a video camera with an attached microphone is to be affixed to the wall above the entrance. Sustenance is to be provided to the present SCP-6095-B individual using on-site machinery. Any newly observed anomalous properties are to be taken note of and containment procedures are to be adjusted accordingly.

Description: SCP-6095 is a 2m tall wooden sculpture depicting a humanoid figure of indeterminate sex with physical features of the cervidae and leporidae1 families. The object exhibits intelligence consistent with homo sapiens sapiens, yet remains stationary and does not possess the ability of direct communication. A command line terminal, henceforth SCP-6095-A, is installed on the back of the object and is fully functional.

Typing "!help" into SCP-6095-A and pressing the Enter key presents a list of commands utilized in the operation of the machine, most of which present a use in the modification of various parts of the user's body by unknown processes. Repeated utilization of the object results in outcomes that diverge from the initially desired modification, typically culminating in sections of the user's body converting into various types of naturally-occuring inorganic matter and plantlife.2

SCP-6095 is capable of reacting to the operation of SCP-6095-A, frequently discharging an fluid visually similar to water from its eyes despite the apparent lack of tear ducts carved into the object. This effect is most commonly observed when used for the purpose of body modification, and often results in the user seeking to appease the object. This may either take the form of the user simply ceasing to use the object or voluntarily utilizing it to convert 100% of their body mass into inorganic material.

SCP-6095 is capable of a cognitohazardous effect wherein it partially suppresses the consciousness of sentient fauna within a 10km radius, creating a gestalt consciousness hereby referred to as SCP-6095-B. This effect has been observed to spread at an exponential rate to nearby sentient life. The object typically utilizes human SCP-6095-B individuals for the purpose of communication, and typically disposes of an instance3 after it finds that it has no practical use.

SCP-6095 was recovered from an MC&D warehouse by MTF Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders") on 15/08/2006. The object was accompanied by an owner's manual that suggested a history of use dating back to 1994, as well as physical evidence suggesting a history of tampering with the object beforehand. Information gathered from a previous SCP-6095-B instance suggests that the object was modified by MC&D specifically for the purpose of body modification, and that it wasn't capable of this use beforehand.

Incident Report 6095-1

On 22/01/2008, a provisional Mobile Task Force was assembled following 16 days of radio silence from Site-19. Upon their arrival, several anomalies had breached containment and several personnel were reported missing. Various flora occupied approximately 67% of hallways and containment chambers on-site. MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox") was sent in, and 5 days of extensive re-containment efforts followed.

Following the incident, an interview was conducted by Dr. Laurence Henry with SCP-6095.
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