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Item#: 6082
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Yellowknife, circa 2004.

Special Containment Procedures: The hatch connecting SCP-6082-A with the Great Slave Lake has been reinforced. Access to SCP-6082 is solely granted to personnel with Level 4 Clearance and above.

Description: SCP-6082-A is a massive subterranean complex located 200 meters below Yellowknife, NWT, Canada, solely accessible by the use of a hatch located under the Great Slave Lake.

SCP-6082-A takes the form of a large, steel-made, pentagonal boiler room, comprised out of several mechanical devices, specifically designed as a power source for a compiled amount of activities. Analysis of the evidence found within SCP-6082-A points towards the anomaly being created using anomalous technology on the 11/27/1969 as a containment unit and power source for SCP-6082. The entity or group of interest employed in order to create SCP-6082-A and SCP-6082 is currently unknown.

SCP-6082-A is completely automated and it requires no human intervention in order to operate, possessing the necessary paraphernalia in order to complete its tasks:

  • Large amounts of piping.
  • Cylindrical glass tubes, containing pistons which compress material energy sources such as charcoal, raw petroleum, and uranium chunks into one, single homogeneous mass, later pushed through a pair of pipes. Such products are leaked through long, thin steel pipes.
  • Two wider, longer pipes by which waste gases are leaked, presumed to end in an unknown pocket dimension.
  • A massive hatch located in the center of SCP-6082-A, used as an entrance to SCP-6082. At the edge of the hatch, a control booth can be found.
  • A set of recordings of nearby galaxies, presumed to be taken from an extraterrestrial location within the Sol System.
  • A large, golden placard reading "Department of Abnormalities" located at the center of SCP-6082-A's hatch.1
  • Several blueprints depicting a series of automated drones.

SCP-6082-A's composition has led the SCP Foundation's Paratechnology Division to believe that it is a containment chamber for SCP-6082. The method by which SCP-6082-A generates its fuel is currently unknown.

SCP-6082 is a massive shaft located under SCP-6082-A. SCP-6082 is, as of the time of writing, currently inaccessible. Research into opening SCP-6082 is currently ongoing.

Addendum: On the 17/09/1999, a team of 12 researchers was sent from Site-94 in order to try and breach SCP-6082. Said team, who later opened SCP-6082 using a hidden elevator located underneath SCP-6082-A's control booth, was able to enter SCP-6082, which was later revealed to contain a heavily damaged rocket.

Inspection of the rocket's interior later revealed to contain a series of damaged yet functional, automatic drones2 and a satellite dish, along with blueprints for highly advanced technology. Along with this objects, a VHS tape depicting Jupiter's Great Red Spot and the captions "Priority: TARGET" was found.

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