Item#: 5934
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Photograph of the Ozark Mountains taken in Arkansas, U.S., present-day.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5934 is to be kept in a sealed storage container. A mixed detachment of ground/air elements from MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") are to coordinate with on-site security to ensure adequate protection from hostile groups of interest. Destruction of SCP-5934 is considered an unacceptable risk, and it is not to be stored at any facility which relies on an on-site warhead as a containment fail-safe. Testing is suspended in light of Incident GH-21.

Description: SCP-5934 superficially resembles a 20th century adding machine. However, 26 keys have been replaced with human teeth, into which the Latin alphabet has been carved. No commercial brand or other identifying information is present on the device. Inspection of the auxiliary keys suggests that they come from multiple hosts. SCP-5934 possesses an anomalous ability to answer abstract, non-numerical queries. One civilian reported experiencing a weak, memetic effect in the presence of SCP-5934. (See recovery log.) It is currently believed that SCP-5934 effected Incident GH-21, "Starving Eden."

Recovery log and selected tests are available in the legacy documentation.

The occurrence of incident GH-21 was first suggested by Senior Researcher Alexis Straum. It is now believed that on April 5, 2021, all nitrogenase on Earth was anomalously deformed. Over the next several weeks, the overwhelming majority of plants which rely on the enzyme perished as a result. Month-by-month documentation of Foundation response efforts available upon request. Selected internal communications are included to summarize these efforts.

Transcribed phone call between Senior Researcher Alexis Straum and Site Director Emma Silverman, 6/3/21:

<Begin Log>

Straum: Silverman, it's Straum. Have you been watching the news?

Silverman: The soybean thing?

Straum: Yeah, the soybean thing. I think that might be on me.

[Silverman sighs.]

Straum: I tried to use SCP-5934 to characterize the mechanism used by nitrogenase to produce ammonia. It said there is no such mechanism.

Silverman: So?

Straum: Guess what crops happen to rely on nitrogen-fixing bacteria to survive?

Silverman: Oh, Goddammit, Lexi.

Straum: It gets worse. If bacteria can't add nitrogen to the soil, eventually the soil can't support any plant life.

Silverman: And that's going to happen everywhere on Earth?

Straum: Unless the Foundation can stop it.

[Silverman pauses.]

Silverman: Okay, tomorrow, 9 a.m., we meet with Kumar, Sanders, and Arkin. I'll let the O5's know what's going on.

Straum: Involving Chemical and Biological makes sense, but why Arkin?

Silverman: Because we can't afford to wait for science to fail before we try magic.

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