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Figure 1.1: A map retrieved from one of SCP-5817's websites in June 15th of 2016, representing SCP-5817-1.

Special Containment Procedures: All internet services in a country affected by SCP-5817 are to be shut down until SCP-5817's websites are inaccessible. Automated programs are to monitor SCP-5817's activity by collecting all information contained in its pages and storing it in Site-68 Site-130's computers. All remaining non-physical evidence of the existence of SCP-5817-1 is to be denied to the general public.

The southeastern part of the city of Kingston, Jamaica is to be isolated from non-SCP-5817-2 civilian access and monitored in order to document the creation of SCP-5817-2 instances, which is currently inevitable. Negotiations with SCP-5817-1 are in progress.

Description: SCP-5817 is a monthly phenomenon that affects all internet services in a country for roughly one minute. Any attempt of accessing any website during SCP-5817 will redirect users to a counterpart that advertises a nonexistant country named Republic of Kingston, designated SCP-5817-1. According to these altered pages, SCP-5817-1:

  • Includes the the entirety of Central America's territory and Mexico.
  • Has large cultural and ethnic varieties.
  • Is a democratic republic with a president named Horace Rosencratz, a 71 year old male, formerly referred to as Subject-5817-B, now designated as SCP-5817-2-A.
  • Has no documented cases of civilian violence in its territories.

Figure 1.2: SCP-5817-1's flag.

Discovery: SCP-5817 was first documented in March 15th of 2013, having taken place in Jamaica. The manifestation caused a collective hysteria due to being interpreted as a declaration of the independence of Kingston, the local capital city, made by a revolutionary group. While Jamaican authorities managed to pacify the population by stating the SCP-5817 event was "an inoffensive prank made by hackers", none of the affected sites showed any trace of hacking in their change logs.

While the Foundation would later intervene in police investigations, SCP-5817 wouldn't be officially classified until April 15th of the same year, when it took place in Panama. Dr. Ignatius has been assigned to study SCP-5817 since then.

In March 15th of 2016, a secondary behavior of SCP-5817, which consists in generating SCP-5817-2 instances (defined as individuals immune to amnestic treatment, buildings, units of virtual currency, text messages and vehicles belonging to SCP-5817-1) and ocasionally replacing non-SCP-5817-2 objects or individuals in Central America (mainly in the southeastern region of Kingston, Jamaica), has been confirmed. Since that day, Site-68 became a risk zone and research about SCP-5817 was assigned to Site-130 instead, where Dr. Ignatius would continue research involving the anomaly.

Currently, the creation of the following physical SCP-5817-2 instances has been documented:

  • 6 civilian individuals
  • A building, used as administrative center
  • Horace Rosencratz, formerly referred to as Subject-5817-C, now designated SCP-5817-2-A
  • 8 Rosencratz Class Patrol Boats, supposedly produced in SCP-5817-1 territory

Incident Report SCP-5817-D:

In September 15th of 2016, SCP-5817 took place in El Salvador. While no SCP-5817-2 instances were generated, the last 30 seconds of a live stream showing a meeting between the United States President Barack Obama and SCP-5817-2-A were shown in many different SCP-5817 news sites. An automated program created by the Foundation managed to download the full stream, which had a length of roughly 28 minutes. In the video, SCP-5817-2-A and President Obama discussed subjects such as economy and national security and then shook hands. While, according to data retrieved during SCP-5817, the meeting was held at the Palace of Kingston, SCP-5817-1's administrative center, Foundation personnel in charge of monitoring activity at SCP-5817-1 stated that the United States President himself never entered the building and that SCP-5817-2-A wasn't on real SCP-5817-1 territory during the time of the supposed meeting.
Later that day, Barack Obama and other world leaders mentioned the meeting on social networks, praising SCP-5817-2-A and SCP-5817-1. The Foundation managed to delete posts about the subject and to amnesticize both the leaders and the individuals who have seen the posts.

Interview Log SCP-5817-E:

Interviewed: SCP-5817-2-A

Interviewer: Dr. Ignatius

Foreword: In October 4th of 2016, SCP-5817-2-A attempted to enter Site-130, demanding to speak with Dr. Ignatius. While the demand was denied at first, Dr. Ignatius asked the site's security allow his entrance some minutes later under the justification of needing interviews to further understand SCP-5817.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Ignatius: Well, now that you're back here, I'd like to ask some questions, alright?

SCP-5817-2-A remains silent

Dr. Ignatius: Hm? I assumed you'd have something to say since you are the one that came here in the first place.

SCP-5817-2-A: Well I do have something to say.

Dr. Ignatius: And what would that "something" be then?

SCP-5817-2-A: I'd like to ask: (pauses) why do you continue to make everyone believe that Kingston doesn't exist?

Dr. Ignatius: Because the Kingston you're talking about really doesn't.

SCP-5817-2-A: It exists! Haven't you seen the news? Barack Obama himself has praised it.

Dr. Ignatius: There is no proof of that.

SCP-5817-2-A: That's because you're hiding it! You probably have a video of the meeting stored somewhere!

Dr. Ignatius: Sir, that footage is f-

SCP-5817-2-A: (slams the table) I don't care about what you think of the footage! It is a real and undeniable proof of Kingston's existence!

Dr. Ignatius: Hey, please calm do-

SCP-5817-2-A: How can calm down when there's a whole Foundation trying to deny the existence of my own place?!

Dr. Ignatius: (sighs) Well, if you don't believe us, then we'll let you discover by yourself.

Dr. Ignatius looks at Assistant Henry, who is standing on the corner of the interview room, and asks him to bring a cell phone and a netbook. After a minute, Henry returns with both items.

Dr. Ignatius: Thanks Henry, (looks at SCP-5817-2-A) now I want you to show me evidence of Kingston's existence using these.

SCP-5817-2-A: Oh, I'll show you. Just wait and see.

SCP-5817-2-A picks up the cellphone and attempts to make calls to governments of different Central American countries, referring to them as "Kingstonian Districts". The subject however fails to contact the leaders of said districts. After some time, he puts the phone on the table and looks at Dr. Ignatius.

SCP-5817-2-A: You somehow made them forget about Kingston, didn't you?

Dr. Ignatius: No, for the most part.

SCP-5817-2-A: (growls) There has to be something on the internet.

SCP-5817-2-A browses the internet, searching for various topics related to SCP-5817-1. After some time, the subject frowns and stands up abruptly.

SCP-5817-2-A: No no no! You quacks are making this up!

Dr. Ignatius: Sir, I ask you once again to c-

SCP-5817-2-A: I already said I won't calm down until you prove me tha-

Dr. Ignatius: Fine, fine, fine! (sighs) Then what were you doing 10 minutes before and after the meeting with President Obama?

SCP-5817-2-A: Well, that's easy! I was uhhh (pauses) at the Ciudad de Mexico district? W-wait how ev- how would I even get to the Palace of Kingston in ten minutes? How- no no no I swear the meeting happened, but how would I… Well, it doesn't matter, during the 10 minutes after the interview I left the Palace of Kingston and- (pauses) I was at Ciudad de Mexico again? No no no, how?! Could it be that (pauses) the meeting didn't happen? B-but..

SCP-5817-2-A sits down.

Dr. Ignatius: (whispers) Hmmm, could it be that SCP-5817 is also capable of manipulating memories?

SCP-5817-2-A: I-I swear there was a meeting, but at the same time, it was impossible for me to get to it in time. How is this possible?

Dr. Ignatius: I believe that this memory got "planted" on your head. Part of our personnel was looking at the surroundings of the supposed "Palace of Kingston" and they didn't see Barack Obama stepping there either.

SCP-5817-2-A remains silent for some time, but then puts his left elbow on the table and covers most of his face with his left hand.

SCP-5817-2-A: Alright, (sighs) you won. You showed me that all I believed in was wrong. What do you want from me now?

Dr. Ignatius: We'd like to ask more questions about what you know about Kingston.

SCP-5817-2-A: Don't you mean about "what I thought I knew"? You just told me that nothing I know really exists or happened.

Dr. Ignatius: Well, the Kingston as a big country domining all of the Central American and Mexican territory that you're talking about isn't real. But that doesn't mean that Kingston itself is completely fake. Some objects, people and websites from it exist, but all were created by a monthly anomalous event.

SCP-5817-2-A: An anomalous event, you say?

Dr. Ignatius: Hm? Do you know anything about it?

SCP-5817-2-A: Honestly no. I always assumed we existed for a long time and that you were just a bunch of conspiracy theorists, wanting people to believe we didn't exist.

Dr. Ignatius: We're a serious organization and always do research to know about what we are dealing with. Anyway, do you think that the memories you had about meetings could have been planted on your head by the anomaly?

SCP-5817-2-A: I-I really don't know,. All of the memories I have feel quite real, if a bit out of place at times. I remember things that I presenced myself, but at times these memories are interrupted by different ones showing stuff I don't usually see around.

Dr. Ignatius: I see. But have you ever seen anything changing appearance to resemble your memories?

SCP-5817-2-A: Yes, I've seen people and places changing into different ones. Like those guards at the other site, just after I got reminded of a time where this Foundation contacted me about hiring some of our men, probably by that anomaly you mentioned, I saw their body shapes change for around a minute.

Dr. Ignatius: Interesting (pauses). Well, I'm afraid this interview won't take us any further. (stands up) I thank you for collaborating with us.

SCP-5817-2-A remains silent.

Dr. Ignatius: Hm? Are you alright?

SCP-5817-2-A: Does it look like I'm alright? You just told me that I and everything I know was made up by some weird anomaly.

Dr. Ignatius moves his chair close to SCP-5817-2-A and sits down.

Dr. Ignatius: Look, you may be just one of its many creations, but that doesn't mean that you can't make a perfect country.

SCP-5817-2-A: Get real, nobody will accept a farce like me.

Dr. Ignatius: Farce or not, you're still a person and can make a difference. Gain people's trust and they will choose you to lead them. That anomaly created you to be a perfect leader after all.

SCP-5817-2-A: You're right, that thing is on my side. I can use it to make the Kingston I know real.

Dr. Ignatius: Sir, that's not what I mea-

SCP-5817-2-A: (abruptly stands up) I'll be able to bring a golden age to it. No Foundation will be able to hide us anymore!

Dr. Ignatius: Sir, please-

SCP-5817-2-A: And I shall rule over it unquestioned! Command the perfect county and extend it to the whole world.

Dr. Ignatius: Enough, security personnel, take him to a cell.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-5817-2-A was taken to a humanoid containment cell by two members of the security personnel who were following the interview.

YOU HAVE 1 NEW MESSAGE (October 15th of 2016)

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