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Item#: SCP-5616
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5616 is confined to the decommissioned Anomalous Documents Disposal Chamber (ADDC) at Site-43. This chamber must remain sealed, and its structural integrity monitored, at all times.

SCP-5616 is permitted to interact with any and all items located within the ADDC..This permission is a formality; SCP-5616's actions within the ADDC cannot practically be interfered with.

SCP-5616 may request reading material; this is to be presented via the ADDC exterior window.

Update 10/19/1944: SCP-5616 must experience human contact via the ADDC exterior window for a period not less than ten minutes per day. This duty should be cycled between all willing personnel.

Update 12/31/1949: SCP-5616 must undergo one hour of psychological counselling per day.

Update 01/05/1957: Reading material may now be projected onto the ADDC exterior window at SCP-5616's request.

Update 01/01/1970: Camera surveillance of SCP-5616 must be maintained at all times. Should SCP-5616 attempt self-harm, qualified personnel from the Psychology and Parapsychology Section must be summoned to the ADDC exterior window immediately.

Update 04/15/1972: SCP-5616's Security Level-3 credentials have been restored. SCP-5616's database file must henceforth cease the use of object pronouns in reference to her.

Update 03/01/1975: SCP-5616 is permitted to remotely lecture Foundation personnel once per week.

Update 11/10/1989: SCP-5616 is to be provided with a voice-activated computer terminal permanently mounted to face the ADDC exterior window.

Update 04/01/1997: SCP-5616 must experience human contact via the ADDC exterior window for a period not less than one hour per day. This duty should be cycled between all willing personnel.

Update 02/14/2004: SCP-5616 must undergo two hours of psychological counselling per day.

Update 08/10/2016: SCP-5616 must be permitted to remotely participate in all team-building and recreational activities at Site-43, at her discretion.

Description: SCP-5616 is Dr. Ilse Reynders, Senior Researcher in Acroamatic Abatement and Archives and Revision at Site-43. She is trapped in the Anomalous Documents Disposal Chamber in Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-A due to an oversaturation of counter-chronological material, which has partially infused her being. The most obvious effect of this infusion is that she does not physically age. Furthermore, SCP-5616 does not require nutrition, hydration, rest, urination, defecation, or attention to personal hygiene. For all intents and purposes, her body is locked to one precise moment in December of 1943. Any alterations she makes to her personal appearance or physical coherence will revert within one minute. Her mind and motor control are unaffected by these phenomena; SCP-5616 can move, speak, think, learn, and feel emotion as would a baseline human being.

SCP-5616 has spent her years in containment pursuing multiple courses of scientific inquiry, and is by a significant margin the most learned individual at Site-43..She holds full doctorates in analytical chemistry, atomic physics, chemical physics, esoteric chemistry, history, inorganic chemistry, literary studies, medicinal chemistry, molecular physics, organic chemistry, particle physics, photonics, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, theoretical chemistry and toxicology. SCP-5616 is presently one hundred and twenty-nine years of age, but physically appears to be approximately thirty.

Addendum 5616-1, Phenomenological Overview: As Dr. Reynders' situation has been a landmark case for Foundation researchers negatively affected by anomalous interactions, she was instructed to prepare a primer for instructional use in 1981. An excerpt from this primer follows.

On 12 October 1944, Dr. Reynders abruptly awoke. Dr. Scout was coincidentally already on his way to inspect the ADDC, and rushed to the exterior window when he noticed she was breathing. A transcript of their subsequent conversation is excerpted below.

Dr. Wynn Rydderech, Co-Director of Site-43 and Chief of Acroamatic Abatement, immediately tasked his researchers with sustained inquiry into Dr. Reynders' condition. Apparently now lacking the need to sleep, Dr. Reynders herself extensively examined the anomalous material in the ADDC, noting that its mass appeared to be slowly decreasing. She also conducted experiments with her own temporal agency; any objects she interacted with could be moved, but would freeze in mid-air when she released them. This principle seemingly explained why her voice was able to pass through the window when she pressed her hand to it. After three weeks of study, Dr. Rydderech consulted Dr. Reynders at the ADDC window.

Over the course of the next eight months, Dr. Reynders conducted a comprehensive study of the ADDC and documented in immaculate detail the continuing decline of the anomalous mass. Tensions rose between Drs. Scout and Rydderech and O5 Command when it became apparent that inordinate Applied Occultism and Acroamatic Abatement resources were being dedicated to this problem; Dr. Rydderech therefore nominated himself the project lead and promised to pursue it as a matter of Directorial prerogative. In the meantime Dr. Reynders was requesting reading material on chemistry and optics, and developing a theory of time which could account for her present circumstances. She discussed her findings with the co-Directors regularly, as in the interview excerpted below.

Dr. Reynders' mental state worsened over the ensuing years, as progress on her theory of time slowed significantly. She began pursuing additional internal PhDs in related fields, taking advantage of her effectively trebled productivity time as compared to non-anomalous researchers. By 1951 she was Site-43's foremost expert in three fields of science, and had made fundamental contributions to two additional fields which did not yet exist outside the Foundation. Dr. Rydderech was allowed to continue his studies into her condition on the basis of her newfound importance to the academic structure at Site-43; devices were installed on the ADDC window to properly amplify her voice, and she became a frequent consultant for personnel from all Site Sections. Her effectiveness was only hampered by the reality of her situation, as illustrated in the following interview.

On 14 November 1966, Dr. Rydderech disappeared. It became apparent that his long exposure to esoteric substances had altered his physical and mental makeup, and in order to hide this fact he had exiled himself to a series of anomalous acroamatic abatement facilities constructed beneath Site-43. Dr. Scout attempted to relay the news to Dr. Reynders, but found her already in a state of shock for unrelated reasons.

By this point Dr. Scout was visiting Dr. Reynders daily, both to consult with her as an expert researcher and to maintain her social engagement. During his unaccustomed absence on 31 December 1969, however, Dr. Reynders attempted physical harm on herself using the jagged remains of the primary ADDC incinerator. She was unable to affect permanent change, however, as her body quickly reverted all damage dealt. Security and Containment personnel nevertheless contacted Dr. Scout, who was in the midst of a manhunt for a Person of Interest; he immediately returned to the Site and attended to Dr. Reynders.

Dr. Scout joined Dr. Reynders for all subsequent New Years Eves until 1996.

By 1971 he was able to make a case to the O5 Council that Dr. Reynders was the Foundation's primary research asset at Site-43. He arranged for her to deliver remote lectures to both new and experienced personnel, and successfully petitioned for the restoration of her Level-3 security clearance. She was particularly useful in decoding information gleaned from Dr. Rydderech (presently classified as SCP-5520) who was remotely communicating with Site-43 in a dissociative state. By 1976 Reynders had a dedicated Applied Occultism taskforce under her direction; her engagement with subordinate researchers was infrequent, however, as illustrated below.

Dr. Reynders continued to develop new scientific approaches at the Foundation, and some of the results were filtered into the non-anomalous world to foster scientific thought as a bulwark against magical thinking. The advent of computer technology, particularly with voice-activated controls, enhanced her productivity considerably. The advent of the internet made her essentially a one-woman think tank. She continued to work on her unified theory of time, but made less and less progress as the years went on.

Dr. V.L. Scout retired from the SCP Foundation on 1 April 1996, visiting Dr. Reynders that same day to say goodbye.

Dr. Scout died of natural causes one year later. Telepresence technology was not yet sufficiently advanced for Dr. Reynders to attend his funeral.

Her theoretical output continued to increase past the turn of the new millennium, and she was soon producing more academic literature than the entire Applied Occultism Section combined. She was directly responsible for the creation of three new Research and Experimentation Subsections at Site-43 (Anachronic Studies, Wave-Particle Studies and Abstruse Optics) and one new Section (Quantum Supermechanics). Her radical theories on the potential physics of time itself drove debate across the Foundation worldwide. As the quality of her scientific work rose, however, her mental state continued to deteriorate.

This new paranoiac state became Dr. Reynders' baseline; it became apparent that she was now capable of experiencing multiple conflicting timeline sets. The classification of SCP-5243, a recurrent local anomalous event responsible for the creation of alternate timelines, explained this phenomenon. While generally capable of disregarding these additional inputs with the application of enough concerted effort, Dr. Reynders became extremely irritable, depressed and prone to outbursts of dismay. Additional resources from Psychology and Parapsychology were devoted to her care, and several staff members began visiting her more regularly to help her remain focused on baseline reality.

When further upgrades were required for her voice-controlled computer terminal, new Acting Chief of Identity and Technocryptography M. Vroom was instructed to perform the necessary work himself in the hopes that his shared background with Dr. Reynders might function as a further anchor for her emotional stability.

Over the course of the next two months Dr. Reynders produced nine monographs and forty-three scientific papers, outlining her long-awaited and newly completed theory of temporal physics. She released her files to SCiPNET for review on 03/11/2021 only after first conferring with Chief Vroom.

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