The following file describes an anomaly currently under investigation,
and is Level 4/5552 classified
Unauthorized access is forbidden.

Item #: SCP-5552

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The CHRONUS Project is to continue research to confirm the details of SCP-5552. While it is possible that SCP-5552 related phenomena can be explained given our current understanding of science, they have been deemed anomalous until further progress has been made.

Description: SCP-5552 refers to a theoretical method of travel between parallel universes with similar cause-and-effect chains. Details regarding the exact nature of SCP-5552, as well as the parallel universes it can access, are under investigation by the CHRONUS Project, lead by Dr. Naman Gupta and Dr. Cindy Helsman.

Addendum SCP-5552-1: Below is the transcript of the meeting on 2018/07/04 between Dr. Helsman and Dr. Gupta, first proposing the existence of SCP-5552.

Dr. Gupta paces back and forth in front of his desk. Dr. Helsman enters Dr. Gupta's office, at which point Dr. Gupta checks his pocketwatch.

Gupta: You're late.

Helsman: Only by a minute.

Gupta: You're still late.

Helsman: Naman, are you ok? You seem a little more restless than normal.

Gupta takes three deep breaths, and then sits down at his desk.

Gupta: Sorry. I'm just anxious.

Helsman: Anxious about what? Paper deadline?

Gupta: No, no…

Helsman: Then what is it?

Gupta: Ok. Cindy, I am about to say something that sounds incredibly stupid. But I am going to need you to believe me, alright?

Helsman: Ok…

Gupta: I might be from the future.

Helsman remains silent, before beginning to say something. However, she stops herself.

Gupta: Yeah…

Helsman: … but what does that mean?

Gupta: So, I think it's like this. I know for certain that I came from somewhere that on April 16th, 2020, you die and I take over the CHRONUS Project.

Helsman: Wait wait. You're saying I die in two years?

Gupta: Well, that's assuming I'm from the future. Because there's another option: I'm from a parallel universe. And I didn't travel in time at all.

Helsman: Well, I mean if you're from a parallel universe then wouldn't that mean you've still travelled back in time?

Gupta: No no. In this scenario I actually can't travel backwards in time. It'd be impossible. It'd just be an illusion since each of the universes are temporally offset.

Helsman: I— I don't follow.

Gupta: No it's like… Like time zones. Here it's three but in California it's noon. Here it's April 4th but in another parallel universe it's March 6th. You can't travel backwards in time, but you can travel to a parallel universe that started a month later than this one, and that's almost the same thing.

Helsman: Ok. And why do you think this is what you've been doing instead of time travel?

Gupta: Well, um… not all parallel universes are created equal. In fact a lot of them are probably unstable. So at certain points in time, arbitrary groups of particles will just, like they'll lose stability. Err, but not entirely. Like they go black, and they crumble and it's… it's like the very fabric of reality just wilts away.

Helsman: You know you sound crazy right?

Gupta: Yes but haven't I always sounded insane? Most of what I say sounds absurd, yet you still run the numbers for me. Because we both know I might be right.

Helsman: … do you want me to start making models?

Gupta: That would be fantastic.

Addendum SCP-5552-2: Two weeks following this proposal, Site-72 personnel reported concerns about Dr. Gupta's mental well-being. Dr. Gupta was only seen leaving his office to go to the bathroom, and to get food from the cafeteria which he would then eat in his office. Dr. Green, occupying a neighboring office, reported hearing Dr. Gupta shout the phrase "It doesn't make sense", and other variants with similar meaning. Dr. Helsman was requested to speak with Dr. Gupta, as he has refused meetings with other personnel.

Gupta is looking at the whiteboard in his office. It is filled with a flow chart. Helsman knocks on the door to Gupta's office.

Gupta: [shouts] I'm busy.

Helsman: Even for me?

Gupta opens the door slightly. After seeing Helsman, he opens it the rest of the way. Helsman enters.

Gupta: Sorry. I'm just stressed still.

Helsman: You seem a little more than stressed. People are worried about you.

Gupta: I know, I know. I'm fine.

Helsman: You know, you used to get lunch with everyone else. Might be good to get your mind off of work.

Gupta: I can't.

Helsman: Because…

Gupta: It's just… there's so much I still can't explain. Like how I've only travelled to similar parallel universes. Why haven't I blasted myself off to a world where Earth doesn't even exist!

Helsman: Well, I have some news. Not sure if it'll help or not…

Gupta: I'm listening either way.

Helsman: I haven't been able to get your parallel universe theory to work.

Gupta: Oh.

Helsman: Yeah. Mostly the stability part. What you're describing just doesn't fit with… anything really.

Gupta: I see.

Helsman: I mean, we'll come up with another theory. It sounds like we've been able to explain everything so far.

Gupta: Yeah. Yeah you're right.

Helsman: Take a few days off. You said I die in two years right? We still have time.

Gupta: Yeah… I'll do that.

Dr. Gupta was approved for a vacation between 2018/07/19 and 2018/07/26.

Addendum SCP-5552-3: On 2018/07/24, Site-72 experienced a mass alteration to its molecular structure, as well as the molecular structure of all personnel and materials within. This alteration resulted in all affected materials taking on a charcoal-like structure that collapses into a liquid state when disturbed.

Dr. Gupta ended his vacation early, taking over the CHRONUS Project and moving it to Site-53.

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