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Special Containment Procedures: The CHRONUS Project is to continue its research into the existence of SCP-5552.

Description: SCP-5552 is a theoretical method to travel backwards in time. The exact nature of SCP-5552 as well as whether or not it can be replicated in a controlled manner is still unknown.

Discovery: Evidence for the existence of SCP-5552 occurred on 2018/07/04 when Reality Stability Beacons at Site-72 indicated a Retro-Causal Reality Shift. However, due to the lack of discontinuity in the cause-and-effect predictions from the beacons, it was determined that a large scale reality-altering event did not occur. The resulting conclusion was that temporal travel must have taken place. The CHRONUS Project research team was directed to determine the source or subject of this temporal travel, however their search was unsuccessful.

Addendum SCP-5552-1: Below is a timeline of the CHRONUS Project's progress:

Date Event
2017/11/14 The CHRONUS Project was initiated by Drs. Naman Gupta and Cindy Helsman.
2018/01/22 Dr. Gupta proposes a string-theory inspired hypothesis for reverse directional time travel.
2018/03/08 Dr. Gupta's theory was deemed highly unlikely after it did not fit any of the models created by Dr. Helsman.
2018/03/19 Dr. Gupta proposes a theory for reverse directional time travel based on quantum entanglement.
2018/05/20 Dr. Gupta's theory is contradicted by experimental evidence gathered by Dr. Helsman.
2018/07/04 CHRONUS Project directed to locate the source of the alerted Retro-Causal Reality Shift.
2018/08/04 Search for source of Retro-Causal Reality Shift disbanded. Modification to current timeline deemed sufficiently insignificant to ignore.
2018/10/14 Dr. Gupta promoted to Site Director, leaving the CHRONUS Project.
2019/01/22 Dr. Helsman proposes a theory for reverse directional time travel based on classical relativity.
2019/05/03 Dr. Helsman's theory is abandoned due to the lack of consistent relativistic behaviors at the quantum scale.
2019/07/22 Dr. Helsman proposes a theory for reverse directional time travel based on quantum mechanics.
2019/10/02 Dr. Helsman's theory is abandoned for being too similar to Dr. Gupta's quantum entanglement theory.
2020/01/11 Dr. Helsman proposes a theory based on the Standard Model of Particle Physics.
2020/04/14 Dr. Helsman's theory is abandoned due to a lack of progress.

Addendum SCP-5552-2: Below is a transcript of the monthly status meeting between Dr. Helsman and Dr. Gupta held on 2020/04/16:

Gupta: So… I see you abandoned another theory.

Helsman: Yeah.

Gupta: You know it's harder for me to keep justifying your funding if you're not getting anywhere.

Helsman: I know Naman.

Gupta: So, um, why'd you abandon this one?

Helsman: I mean, really it's the same reason I abandoned all the other ones. Not enough progress and too much pointing against it.

Gupta: I thought this one seemed promising.

Helsman: Really? You think that time travel being based on the rotation of gluons is promising?

Gupta: I mean—

Helsman: I don't even know what I was thinking when I proposed it. It's fucking stupid. We already have gluons tied to the Strong Force.

Gupta: I just think maybe this line of investigation is worth going down.

Helsman: Naman, I've been at this for more than two years and all I've hit are fucking dead ends.

Gupta: But I know you can do it.

Helsman: That's what you've been telling me for the past year! And while they're nice words, they've been kind of useless.

Gupta: Well, it's not my job to do the research.

Helsman: It used to be! We used to be a team. And then you left me for what? For management? Do you even enjoy that?

Gupta: I am in this position because I want to be.

Helsman: And maybe that's because you don't even enjoy research anymore. And here you are telling me to chase geese!

Gupta: Or maybe it's because I was better at research.

Helsman: You know what? You can fuck off. Take my funding. See if I give a shit.

Helsman gets up and leaves Gupta's office, slamming the door behind her. Gupta sighs and puts his head in his hands.

Gupta: She'll thank me later. Or maybe not. But she'll be grateful nonetheless.

Addendum SCP-5552-3: During the night of 2020/04/16, security personnel at Site-72 reported a sudden, significant alteration to rooms 118, 119, and 121, which contained the Project CHRONUS Laboratory, cubicles for Project CHRONUS personnel, and the office of Dr. Helsman respectively. The walls, floors, ceiling, and all contents of these rooms had morphed into a black substance. Objects made of this substance maintained their shape until disturbed, at which point they would assume a more liquid-like state.

Security personnel reported three casualties. Two of these casualties were Researcher Yufei Zhu and Janitor Ivan DeWalt, who were presumed to be engaged in conversation at the time of the event based on their poses at the time of discovery. The third was Dr. Cindy Helsman, who was most likely listening to a voicemail on her phone. Below is the transcript of the most recent voicemail received by Dr. Helsman prior to the event.

Gupta: Hey Cindy. Umm… sorry about what I said earlier. I didn't mean most of it. Like, I didn't mean the part about me being the better researcher. Honestly, I left the project because I wanted it to be your discovery. It's just, it's frustrating for both of us to see you bang your head against this problem. But if you want, I can come back to the project. We can make this our theory again.

Following the 2020/04/16 event, Dr. Gupta took over the CHRONUS Project. The CHRONUS Project was also moved from Site-72 to Site-53, after the entire Eastern Wing of Site-72 experienced a similar event to that described above (See CHRONUS Project Special Reports for details).

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