Item#: 5451
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-54512A instances are to be stored in a standard containment locker.

Description: SCP-5451 was a virtual school primarily attended by animals in the family Spheniscidae, more commonly known as penguins. Hosted on the site, students interacted with teachers through voice chat along with assignments sent through messaging programs.

SCP-5451-1 were a group of sentient, English-speaking penguins that accessed the internet through anomalous means. Communication with other SCP-5451-1 instances were done through a forum on the site Non-anomalous penguins turned into SCP-5451-1 instances when they came into contact with advertisements made by previous SCP-5451-1 instances. These memetically enhanced advertisements (henceforth referred to as SCP-5451-2) came in two forms, banner ads or flyers, SCP-5451-2A and SCP-5451-2B respectively.

SCP-5451-2A instances were flyers composed of feathers that are covered in urea. They were found in penguin mating spots after mating season. Penguins that came into contact with SCP-5451-2A turned into an SCP-5451-1 instance. After one academic year, they were enrolled in SCP-5451.
SCP-5451-2B instances were banner ads found on the Internet. They took the format of a penguin on the foreground along with the text "(common name of a penguin) Penguin School, the best University in the country!", or some variation of the text.

On 2023/02/01, the forums where SCP-5451-1 instances gathered and used to enroll into SCP-5451 were closed due to a lack of funding.

Addendum: Final Post of the Forum

On 2022/07/11, one day before the closure of the forums, the cessation of all anomalous effects of SCP-5451-2A and SCP-5451-2B, and one academic year before the closure of SCP-5451, a post was made on the forums.

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