Scp 5296 2

Item #: SCP-5296

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Known SCP-5296 instances should be reported to Site-11 Command. Currently, ██ instances are in containment, each of which occupies a standard humanoid containment chamber.

The locations of any suspected instances should be reported to MTF-Phoenix-1.

Description: SCP-5296 is a race of sapient humanoids who are imperceptible to humans. SCP-5296's undetectability is mitigated if an individual is already aware of its existence.

SCP-5296 instances are only aggressive when provoked. They have above-average combative abilities, largely due to their anomalous effects. They can, however, be reliably subdued through the use of special arms fire. Given the unknown number of SCP-5296 instances, combating the threat they could pose should be left to MTF-Phoenix-1.

Incident Report 5296-01
On 14/09/2027, SCP-5296-23, the only instance in containment at the time, breached containment through unknown means. This breach went unnoticed by staff due to SCP-5296's anomalous effects until SCP-5296-23 returned to the facility accompanied by approximately 50 other instances.

Upon returning, the instances became aggressive and caused a major containment breach within the Euclid section of containment. The initial response was worsened significantly by instances obstructing re-containment efforts.

Over 100 members of staff were killed prior to MTF-Phoenix-1 securing the site.

Proposals to upgrade SCP-5296 from Euclid to Keter are currently under review.

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