Item#: 5099
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The current location of SCP-5099 and SCP-5099-1 at Site-24.

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-5099-1 is currently contained at Site-24 by SCP-5099. Any changes in the condition of SCP-5099 are to be immediately reported to Site Director, Dr. Katelyn Morgenthau.

Research staff assigned to Site-24 are to have a minimum CRV1 of 100 so as to mitigate the anomalous effects of SCP-5099-1.

Research staff at Site-24 are to be regularly tested for cognitohazardous imagery which is caused as a byproduct of SCP-5099-1's anomalous effects. Cognitohazardous imagery related to SCP-5099-1's anomalous effects include the following: Seeing hand-prints (of various sizes) on surfaces, nightmares involving apocalyptic imagery, mass paranoia and suicidal thoughts.

The primary objective of Site-24 is to ascertain a valid way of neutralising SCP-5099-1.


SCP-5099 is the designation given to a 112.5m double-helical object resembling a lance of unknown origin found buried inside of the Patomskiy Crater. Current estimations place the age of the object as 5 billion years old, whilst its arrival on Earth is dated to approximated 3.5 billion years ago.

The majority of the object remains buried underneath the surface of Site-24. Current excavation efforts have uncovered 63m of the object. Excavation has been halted and an exclusion zone has been constructed surrounding SCP-5099-1.

The object is composed of a black metallic substance of terrestrial origin constructed into a double-helical shape that winds closer together as it narrows. At the end that is lodged into SCP-5099-1, the two strands are unwound to form two long tines measuring 10m in length each. The object is approximately 10m wide and progressively narrows as it reaches the head of the object.

Several fragments were uncovered by staff at Site-24 prior to Incident 5099 which had broken away from the main body of SCP-5099. It is now understood that this is due to the natural degradation of SCP-5099, which by 20██ will have fully collapsed and will no longer be a viable method of containing SCP-5099-1.

SCP-5099-1 is the designation given to an immense reality bending entity of unknown size with a Hume rating far in excess of 300. It is currently located directly underneath Site-24 with SCP-5099-1 impaled directly into the entity.

The capabilities of SCP-5099-1 are not understood but indications from Incident 5099 as well as historical evidence inscribed into SCP-5099 suggest that it is capable of wide-ranging manipulation of local space typically taking the form of gigantic hand prints removing localised space. It is also capable of projecting anomalous cognitohazards into the brains of susceptible human subjects.

These cognitohazards are capable of subjugating the subject into working towards excavating SCP-5099 and removing the object from the entity. In addition, the entity, although initially thought to be deceased remains alive on another dimensional level above our own.

Incident 5099

Incident 5099 occurred on 25/3/2010 and resulted in a complete breakdown of Site-24's chain of command and a major containment breach that could have, unknown to the Foundation at the time, constituted a HK-class Deific Subjugation scenario.

Opening Statement: Site-24 was declared lost on 25/3/2010 at 0800 hours, and was further upgraded as having a Containment Breach at 0900 hours and as such, MTF Sigma-29 ("Lance of Longinus") was assembled and mobilised, consisting of personnel who displayed CRV in excess of 150. In addition, they had previously operated in various anomalous hot zones and most had served under MTF Nu-7 ("Hammer Down") at some point.

They had two objectives: Primary Objective: Contain Site-24 and SCP-5099. Secondary Objective: Extract PoI Dr. Katelyn Morgenthau, if she remains alive.

Personnel: MTF Sigma-29 ("Lance of Longinus"), consisting of:

  • Captain Seamus MacKenzie; Formerly Platoon Commander of Nu-7 before his promotion to Captain of the newly formed MTF, highly experienced at navigating breached Sites.
  • Lieutenant Luke Briggs; Formerly MI666 before joining the Foundation, was recruited to the Foundation in the aftermath of Operation Sleipnir2 .
  • Sergeant Kyle Winslow; Formerly Sgt. in Nu-7, was requested by MacKenzie to join Sigma-29.
  • Private Henry Sinclair; Formerly Pvt. in Nu-7, earned particular distinction during Nu-7's containment of Site-██.
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