She opened the box, and inside was…




Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5055 is currently held in the Site-19 acquisitions vault. SCP-5055 will be re-located once testing is complete, and proper containment protocols are established.

Description: SCP-5055 is a small chest composed of ivory, bronze, and stained wood. This chest was recovered from an archaeological dig-site beneath the ruins of Ancient Constantinople, sealed in a 6m2 cube of solid caementicium, or roman concrete. When touched, SCP-5055 instills an intense sensation of dread.

On January 1st, 2020, D-6106 was instructed to open SCP-5055, as to ascertain its contents.

Inside SCP-5055 was |

Far away, and perhaps by chance, a man stepped out of a cave. Before long, he crawled inside a containment cell and bit down on the barrel of a gun. Nothing else was more important.

And though neither he, or anyone else in the world would ever see it, there was a single, hand-written note at the bottom of SCP-5055. It said

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