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Item #: SCP-5041

Object Class: Keter-provisi

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5041 is to be contained within Specialized Containment Cell-01 at Site-Aleph. It is not to be removed from SCC-01 at any time, and SCC-01 should not be accessed by any individual outside the specific provisions allowed by the containment procedures.

SCC-01 is the top story of Building-01 within Site-Aleph. It consists of four rooms: a main chamber, a bedroom, a bathroom, and an antechamber. The only room into which containment staff are allowed to enter is the antechamber and only to deliver food or other provisions to SCP-5041. Containment staff are to ring a doorbell to give SCP-5041 time to vacate the antechamber before they enter. All rooms of SCC-01 have been soundproofed. SCC-01 is to be outfitted with furniture as appropriate.

The roof of SCC-01's main chamber is a skylight, which is cleaned by automated mechanisms. All Foundation satellites that pass over SCC-01 have been set to automatically censor photographs of SCC-01. Under no circumstances should the interior of SCC-01 be viewed; immediate amnestic treatment is required if this is violated. If it is necessary to access the roof of Aleph-Building-01, automated shutters have been installed to close the skylight. SCP-5041 should be notified in advance that the shutters are to be used.

SCP-5041 has been granted Grade-A Humanoid Amenity privileges. In addition to receiving three Grade-A meals each day, it is to be given two bottles of wine and a Grade-A dessert package every week. Entertainment media given to SCP-5041 should not contain depictions of any individuals or characters, real or fictional.

SCP-5041 may make requests to the containment staff of any nature, by writing on a slip of paper and putting said paper into a slot in the antechamber of SCC-01. After these requests are read and denied/granted, they are to be incinerated.

Description: SCP-5041 is a humanoid. As SCP-5041 is still alive after three hundred years of continuous containment it is either immortal, of a greatly extended life-span, or is non-human. SCP-5041 is believed to have other anomalous properties. No details of these additional properties are known.

It is not known why SCP-5041 is in containment.

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