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Item #: SCP-4947 Level █/4947
Object Class: PENDING1 [DATA LOST]


SCP-4947-B2. Current location has been lost.

Special Containment Procedures: Due to a lack of information on SCP-4947, it remains uncontained. Efforts should focus on researching and permanently cataloging SCP-4947 in Foundation records.



SCP-4947's location is tracked through remotely-monitored seismographic readings taken along SCP-4947-A, with an accuracy of 23%. For ease of containment, several points located in SCP-4947-A have been marked as either strategically or geographically significant. Designated SCP-4947-A Leaf Points2 around SCP-4947's projected location are to be filled with plain concrete3. Mobile Task Force Psi-16 ("Martyrs")4 is to watch for and attempt to study and subdue SCP-4947 during this time.

Foundation holding companies are to perform land grabs of SCP-4947-A affected areas. Structures built within 3 km of SCP-4947-A are to be condemned and demolished. Foundation webcrawlers are to monitor reports of sudden sinkhole activity around SCP-4947-A, with a focus on designated Leaf Points and recent SCP-4947 sightings.

Personnel are encouraged to transfer out of the SCP-4947 project as soon as possible.5

Instances of SCP-4947-B are to be destroyed as soon as possible. Foundation webcrawler ƟU-9476 is offline.


Description: SCP-4947 is a burrowing entity, possibly native to Northeastern Europe. [DATA LOST] SCP-4947 spends much of its time underground, possibly emerging rarely for unclear reasons. SCP-4947 does not appear to require sustenance or sleep. No visual records or sightings exist of SCP-4947.


SCP-4947-A designates a series of faults, spanning an area of at least ████ kilometers27. SCP-4947-A is maintained primarily by collapses resulting from SCP-4947's constant burrowing, and does not correspond to any naturally-occurring fault zone. The majority of faults form lines between instances of SCP-4947-B.


Rocks discovered near SCP-4947-A24.

SCP-4947-A's primary anomalous effect is the creation of holes in the surrounding area. Landscapes and objects around SCP-4947-A will develop gradually expanding holes on their surface. Notably, this extends to living organisms, including [DATA LOST].

SCP-4947-B designates several buildings, all of which contain at least one hinged door. Through an unknown process, buildings can become instances of SCP-4947-B through proximity to SCP-4947-A along with existing instances of SCP-4947-B.

Hinged doors within SCP-4947-B connect to at least one other hinged door in another instance of SCP-4947-B8. [DATA LOST] the majority of doors in SCP-4947-B will not exit into the same place one enters from.

[DATAShe's gone. LOST]

ADDENDUM [4947-A]: SCP-4947 is a powerful a[DATA LOST]es are to be reported to Researcher Yarkoni as soon as possible.9

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