4/4945 LEVEL 4/4945
Item #: SCP-4945

SCP-4945-A on the 03/06/200█, Image provided by PoI-25053

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4945-A is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell, with full furnishings and amenities available. SCP-4945-A is to have weekly psychological evaluations to maintain mental strength. Should degeneration in SCP-4945-A's mental ability be noticed, psychiatrists must immediately alert on-site administration. SCP-4945-A is permitted full access to PoI-25053, however, conversations must be monitored and recorded for security purposes.

The railway for SCP-4945-B is to be extended as much as physically possible in the 3km2 area around the current loop. Rail is to weave in and around itself in no discernable pattern. 10km2 exclusion zone around the centre of SCP-4945-B's rail line is to remain and public access is to remain restricted under the pretence of military weapons testing. Unauthorised persons attempting to enter the exclusion zone are to be detained, questioned and subsequently administered Class-A amnestics. MTF-Theta-1 "Trainspotters" are to be stationed at guard posts at the perimeter of 3km2 area. Should SCP-4945-B-1 entities disembark SCP-4945-B they should be allowed to roam free however they may not cross the perimeter. Should any entity cross the perimeter they must be ushered and turned around non-violently if possible. Neutralisation of entities is only permitted as a last resort.

Description: SCP-4945-A is a ██-year-old male child with short brown hair, brown eyes and responds to the name D█████. SCP-4945-A's behaviour is complementary of its age. When SCP-4945-A imagines any object, creature or sentient being, it materialises within the cabins of SCP-4945-B. Entities too big to fit within SCP-4945-B cabins are minimised in materialisation. SCP-4945-A's level of focus is directly proportional to the speed SCP-4945-B travels and inversely proportional to the number of SCP-4945-B-1 entities on board at any one time.1

SCP-4945-B is a standard Royal Class DMU Passenger Train located at ███████ Railway, UK. Despite having no apparent driver, SCP-4945-B is capable of movement, changes in speed and changes in direction. SCP-4945-B requires no fuel and can run seemingly indefinitely. Changes in speed and direction of movement of SCP-4945-B are directly correlated to SCP-4945-A's state of focus.

SCP-4945-B-1 is the collective designation given to entities materialised on SCP-4945-B. SCP-4945-B-1 instances are a range of varied objects and autonomous entities, limited to anything within SCP-4945-A's imagination. Up to ~45 SCP-4945-B-1 instances can be visible at any one time, however, entities will sporadically materialise and dematerialise at intervals of 10-180 seconds.

While SCP-4945-B is travelling above 20km/h SCP-4945-B-1 are unable to disembark SCP-4945-B. Should SCP-4945-B be travelling below 20km/h SCP-4945-B-1 will attempt to exit SCP-4945-B, this is designated a T-Delta Event. Once SCP-4945-B-1 has disembarked SCP-4945-B instances can last from anywhere between 4-10 minutes before dematerialising and range from harmless to extremely dangerous.

Addendum 4945.01:

Upon arrival at Site-██, SCP-4945-A and its father PoI-25053 were separated into different cells. PoI-25053 was questioned to determine if he had any information on SCP-4945-A's anomalous nature. Interview follows:

Interviewed: PoI-25053
Interviewer: Dr. F██████
Foreword: Interview taken 12 minutes after separation from SCP-4945-A.

Dr. F██████: Hello PoI-25053, I'm Dr. F██████, can you please state your name for the record?

PoI-25053: Uh, my name is David ██████. Is my son going to be ok?

Dr. F██████: He's going to be fine, he's just having some tests run at the moment. Can you tell me what you know about his anomalous abilities Mr. ██████?

PoI-25053: Just David is fine.

Dr. F██████: Alright David, what can you tell me about your son?

PoI-25053: Look, I just want to say, he's a good kid. None of this is his fault. I mean really he's an angel. It's just that he's always had trouble focusing on any type of task. He just can't seem to concentrate as you or I may do.

Dr. F██████: And what does this have to do with SCP-4945-B? The train with his thoughts?

PoI-25053: I didn't do it directly. One day a man in a suit came by our house and offered a new treatment to help D█████ with his focus issues. I was at my wit's end, and anything that could possibly help him, I was willing to try.

Dr. F██████: What exactly did this individual offer you?

PoI-25053: He said he had a way to get him to focus more, and he showed me pictures of a train. He said by making the thoughts D█████ had into reality he would be able to control them more easily. Of course, I scoffed at this because it sounded ridiculous, but the man seemed to be dead serious. So I said why not.

Dr. F██████: How did this individual create the anomalous link between the train and your son?

PoI-25053: Anomalous just means weird right? [Dr. F██████ nods] Well it definitely was weird, that's for sure. [PoI-25053 chuckles to himself] He drove me to the little town of ███████, and showed me the train he intended to use. He told me he needed my full blessing, or it wouldn't work and it would only make things worse for D█████. I was still sceptical, but I didn't want to risk things getting even worse for him, so I agreed. About a minute went by, and nothing happened. I was about to hit the guy for giving me false hope for D█████, and then it started moving, without a driver. I couldn't believe it.

Dr. F██████: And was D█████ aware of the existence of this train?

PoI-25053: No. He still isn't, I didn't want him to see it, and think of me as some sort of controlling father trying to see into his thoughts. The train worked great though, until a couple months back. I hadn't checked on it in a good while, but D█████ was saying that he couldn't think as clearly anymore. He said it felt like he was going in circles with his thoughts. So I went to drive down to the train and I was stopped at an armed checkpoint, there was some sort of military testing occurring and I had to turn back.

These dates correlate directly to the first Foundation intervention of SCP-4945-B, and the changing of its tracks into a loop.

Dr. F██████: And did D█████'s mental state continue to degenerate after this?

PoI-25053: Yes. I don't know what was happening in there, but something to do with the train was causing D█████ stress and pain. I figured something bad had happened to the train. The man that did this, he told me that the train needed to roam free, D█████'s creativity was important and anything stopping the train could be harmful to him. Do you know what they did to it?

Dr. F██████: I'm afraid I can't disclose that information.

PoI-25053: Please. I don't really even know who you are. Or who you work for, I couldn't really care less to be honest. All I want is for my son to have a relatively care-free life. He's worked so hard to get to this point, but it's only getting worse and I feel so horrible for him.

Dr. F██████ converses with the research team through an earpiece for 46 seconds.

Dr. F██████: Alright. From what we have gathered in this interview, it is clear your interests are solely for your son.

PoI-25053: I'd hope so

Dr. F██████: We are the SCP Foundation. We are responsible for the securing, containment and protection of anomalous phenomena. Things that don't abide by normal logic, or normal physics.

PoI-25053: So like aliens?

Dr. F██████: I can neither confirm nor deny that, but that would be the correct line of thinking. We can take a look at relaxing the containment procedures for SCP-4945-B.

PoI-25053: For what?

Dr. F██████: The train.

PoI-25053: Really! Thank you so, so much.

Dr. F██████: The conditions are that you and your son will be held here and will have to live here for as long as your son is anomalous. We will have psychiatrists on deck for D█████ and you if required.

PoI-25053: Thank you. Just please, let him have a normal life. As normal as possible in a place that keeps things like him. He hasn't done anything for this to happen to him, it really isn't his fault.

Dr. F██████: We know. That's why you will be kept here as well as a Person of Interest. At a later date, you will be questioned about the individual you mentioned, for now, the guards will escort you and your son to your new living quarters.

Afterword: Investigations into the individual2 mentioned by PoI-25053 are ongoing. PoI-25053 shall be kept on site with SCP-4945-A. SCP-4945-A's identity is to be redacted from all documentation, to protect it. Special Containment Procedures must be amended to allow SCP-4945-B to roam free within reason. Current priorities are to allow SCP-4945-A to live as normally as possible both for ease of containment and for its development through childhood.

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