Item #: SCP-4892

Object Class: N/A

Special Containment Procedures: Reports on the activities of GoI-1999 ("The Order of the Rotten God") are to be submitted twice a week to the Intelligence Agency by Agent Glenn. Any scheduled raids on the Foundation or other groups of interest are to be approved by Director Rose of the Intelligence Agency before action may be taken.

In order to maintain information security, full information on SCP-4892 is only available to members of the Intelligence Agency directly involved with its operation, as well as the O5 Council.

Description: According to the official Foundation database, SCP-4892 is a bovine carcass in a state of advanced decomposition, which is host to an incorporeal extradimensional entity capable of exerting significant mental influence over extremely large distances.

This is a falsehood: in actuality, SCP-4892 does not exist.

SCP-4892, as described in official Foundation records, was created for the purposes of providing a backstory for GoI-1999 ("The Order of the Rotten God"), a group which is currently used as a proxy for the Foundation's own interests. GoI-1999 is currently led by Agent Simon Glenn using the cover identity of "Carson Mackenzie".

Agent Glenn and several other embedded operatives within GoI-19991 are the only individuals in the group aware of SCP-4892's non-existence. All other members have been legitimately recruited to the organization, and fully believe in the mythology and deity created for it. Recruitment to GoI-1999 is achieved via subtly exposing the individual to memetic agents which create an unclear but negative dream state - the details of this dream are then solidified within the individual's mind upon suggestion from a recruiter.

GoI-1999 serves three primary purposes:

  • Consolidation of potential threats: Those recruited into GoI-1999 are selected from a pool of individuals determined by the Intelligence Agency to have the potential to become threats to the Foundation in the future, whether through joining the ranks of a rival group or via an individual effort. By recruiting them into GoI-1999 before they can present such a threat, these individuals can become assets rather than obstacles.
  • Interaction with hostile groups: Due to GoI-1999's open opposition to the Foundation, they are able to interact on neutral or even positive terms with groups that share similar views, enabling them to come into possession of intelligence that the Foundation acting alone would be unable to. This intelligence is then transferred to the Foundation via reports from embedded agents.
  • Deniable action: In the majority of cases where the Foundation has engaged in hostilities with another group in order to gain custody of a dangerous anomaly, said groups have engaged in retaliatory action against the Foundation at a later date, resulting in casualties among personnel and potential breaches of containment. By having GoI-1999 take action as a proxy combatant taking custody of an anomaly, under the guise of attempting to retrieve their deity, these retaliatory attacks will thus be focused on GoI-1999 rather than the Foundation - and the relevant anomaly can then be retrieved from GoI-1999 through a staged raid at a later date.

Since the establishment of 'The Order of the Rotten God' project in 02/09/2015, it has been instrumental in the retrieval of fourty-nine anomalous objects later given SCP designation.

Addendum 4892-1 (Memo):

Intelligence Agency Director
Ezekiel Rose

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the establishment of GoI-1999, and I couldn't be more pleased with its success. Make no mistake, this success is due to the hard work of every single one of you who has worked on this project - from our own Agent Glenn, who has spearheaded this great effort, to every single data analyst who helped us build our pool of recruits. You, every one of you brave men and women, have formed a great cage with your wit to contain the threats to the Foundation we all serve - and indeed, to drag new anomalies behind those bars as well.

When I first became director five years ago, I made no secret of my disappointment in the path we had taken thus far. We had grown content to merely listen and watch, looking through keyholes into the world outside, reporting our findings as if we were children on the playground running to tattle to a teacher.

We had forgotten what it was to act. To decide what shape the world should take. And now, on this day, I feel like we've finally learnt that again. I cannot overstate how proud I am of all of you, as if you were all my own children. Hold your heads high - you've earned it. And never doubt you've done the right thing.

In the past, we at the Intelligence Agency have been subject to naysayers who doubt the necessity of our methods - as well as their effectiveness. This is what I have said to these people every single time:

Try not to worry about it. There's far more of us than you'd expect, and far less of you.


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