SCP-4884, Addendum 290-F-11

Copies of personal and business e-mails from the personal computer of John Ellis Fredersen1, regarding the events leading up to the Pollensbee Incident. Although not confirmed, Fredersen is believed to have been an instance of SCP-4884-B2.

From: ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf#ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf
To: ten.suehtemorp|eertuommj#ten.suehtemorp|eertuommj
Sent: 8:47 AM, January 2nd, 1991
Subject: The End


Happy New Year, and Happy New World. I imagine right now you're sleeping off your second or third hangover. You've earned it. We've earned it, together.

In your wildest dreams, would you have ever thought that you would live to see all this? THe (sic) death of a world and the birth of a new one? A real chance to explore the unknown, drag it out, make it ours. Even in non-para things, you can see it. Connections, communication, information, progress into the future. Just competition and the pure market. Where we stop hiding from our shadows and take mastery of our own destiny? This is what we are building, together.


P.S. Timofy also called - it sounds like the Sevastopol shipment is going to be right on time.

From: ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf#ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf
To: ten.suehtemorp|eertuommj#ten.suehtemorp|eertuommj
Sent: 03:09 PM, September 19, 1992
Subject: Billions and billions


The payment from the Merchants just cleared. That's 280 million. We just cracked a billion. I want to highlight that it is Billion, with a B, the way Sagan says it. Billion.

I'm trying very hard not to freak out. Think of what we can do with this.

I've had a bottle of the most expensive champagne I could find sitting in a fridge, just waiting for this. I'm going to pop down to the lab and pick up that sabre we found, then we are going to drink this whole bottle ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From: ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf#ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf
To: ten.suehtemorp|eertuommj#ten.suehtemorp|eertuommj
Sent: 12:19 PM, January 2nd, 1993
Subject: RE: Orpheus Project

I understand your concerns about this, I just don't share them.

Do you remember when we first started here? It was almost totally defunct, and the only thing we could think of where we could get our next batch of funding. Now that we have some breathing room, though, I can see much, much further.

It's not about the money, not really. What we're doing is moving everything forward, through innovation and exchange. If I'm being honest, i tfeels (sic) like something even grander than that. Anyway, there's a reason you're the technical guy and I'm the ideas guy. Don't worry too much.


From: ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf#ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf
To: ten.suehtemorp|eertuommj#ten.suehtemorp|eertuommj
Sent: 11:22 AM, May 1, 1993
Subject: RE: FWD: MacNamara Projections

What the fuck do you want from me? We move fast and sometimes things break. They were aware of what they signed up for - and it's not like their families are going to starve.

If we nail this, the investors will climb off our asses and we move past designing toys for rich perverts and actually get back to what we wanted to do all along and build a better world. The Foundation won't touch us, the GOC won't touch us. We're on the cusp of something I can't even define - it feels bigger than '91, even. It's more important than the scientists, more than us, even. I can feel it - I just hope that you can too.

- John

From: ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf#ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf
To: ten.suehtemorp|xuaedruobmj#ten.suehtemorp|xuaedruobmj
Sent: 5:14 AM, August 29, 1995
Subject: WIRED

I know that you can still read your email, even though you shouldn't be able to. Don't worry - we'll catch you. In the mean time, here's the cover story from Wired. You'll notice that you don't see any mention of Bolivia3 or of accidents, or of any of the other whinging problems you couldn't stop pointing to.

We used to dream about creating a revolution, but now I see that it's something far, far greater. We are building a better world, where man serves the market, not the other way around.

When the story of Prometheus is written, all of that is burnt away, leaving only the shining success as a triumph of the market. It will be as though they never existed. It will be as though you never existed.

I can feel it hum and suffuse every bit of me. I sense it in the crowds at our expo and when I speak on television. I will conquer it and make it asdejaiek (sic).

Attachment: story.pdf

From: ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf#ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf
To: ten.suehtemorp|rennoco#ten.suehtemorp|rennoco
Sent: 3:49 AM, February 10, 1996
Subject: RE: Structure


I spoke with Michel4 about Botswana. The structural readjustment they're going to demand can include a provision that will allow Menoetius Finance5 almost free reign in the country. If this goes through, there will almost no limit to what we will be able edehaghanteatl (sic).

The market doesn't care about health programs or mosquito netting. It cares about imports and it cares about exports and it cares about aggregates. If they have to strip the countryside bare and sell it for parts, then they should have considered it before they got into debt. If malaria breaks out because they can't afford eradication programs, then that is what the market demands. If it needs those deaths, eanotihouki (sic).

Others tried to second-guess the market. Their bones now are scattered in the desolate places. I am moving towards the perfection, aklansec (sic). I speak its language and can move it as I please. The impossible things that we do are done because the market allows it, through me.

Don't speak to me again about "can't."


From: ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf#ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf
To: ten.suehtemorp|rendrag#ten.suehtemorp|rendrag
Sent: 02:32 AM, June 19, 1997
Subject: Acquisition

Do you doubt me? Rama6 must be destroyed. The only rule is to follow our own interest. We benefit by their destruction. If they grow, we shrink. By hunting, we strengthen the world.

I wonder if sometimes only I can sense it. In the chants of the brokers as a panic rises and crests. The words between words in World Bank reports. The motions of value as they pirouette above you in an abstracted place beyond meaning. It will reveal itself, olmanoec (sic), but it requires more.

More consumption. More life. More of those who have their last full measure taken.

It doesn't need pity or mawkish concerns about legality. Do it. hinousouziaat

From: ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf#ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf
To: ten.suehtemorp|eertuommj#ten.suehtemorp|eertuommj
Sent: 35:97 AM, August 30, 1997
Subject: atlanoec (sic)

I hope it hurt. It must have, having your nerves and muscles pull themselves apart. You thought you might escape in the Library. It took power to find you. sanextopl (sic).

Now, I can feel power and know how to use it. I know how to build olmeecal (sic). I wonder if you ever read newspapers from back on Earth and read about stocks and currencies rising and then, all at once, crashing back down. I fed the market, with billions of dollars in value, opaxco (sic). There will be austerity and restructuring and the market will feed a long time on corpses. Starvation and disease work as well as bullets.

For my service, she has fed me. arkheedanan (sic). I draw nearer to her, and I can feel my path growing narrower. But I am not afraid, because I know that at the end lies something indescribable.

From: ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf#ten.suehtemorp|nesrederf
To: ten.suehtemorp|lla#ten.suehtemorp|lla
Sent: 1:08AM, June 1, 1998
Subject: teolanec (sic)

I've done it. It moves through me as I move through it - all exchange, all meaning. From the pyramid I have constructed, I can see huehuantec (sic). It is time for us to move beyond simple tinkering. I have need of you one last time. amarisa (sic).7

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