SCP-4338. Image taken from shipping vessel 31-998 during monthly offload, 01/07/2019.

Special Containment Procedures: Aquatic Research Vessel Herron will remain anchored off of Moaha Island. Once per calendar month, the following items must be deposited into this island's volcanic crater:

  • 1500kg Cookies (Low-cost Bulk)
  • 1200kg Potato Chips (Low-cost Bulk)
  • 1000kg Chocolate (Low-cost Bulk)
  • 1400kg Pork, any variety.
  • 1000kg Chicken, any variety.
  • 1300kg Beef, any variety.

Description: SCP-4338 is a sapient, levitating, 7.3km3 sphere of volcanic rock contained within the magma chamber beneath Moaha Island. Multiple artifacts and oral traditions reference this entity as "Ōsobiue", "Irn'acha", or "God of the Burning Ocean": a central figure in the creation myths — and extinction events — of some 19 early oceanic cultures. SCP-4338 will absorb any edible matter that comes into contact with the lava on Moaha Island. An ongoing regimen of calorie-dense food has proven effective in neutralizing SCP-4338's mobility and aggressive tendencies. Prior to these containment protocols, SCP-4338 was capable of both exiting the Moaha Volcano, and producing animated, artificial duplicates of human corpses that share its consciousness. The last of these "proxies", former Director Morgan Rowell, is contained aboard A.R.V. Herron.

Use of SCP-4338 for the disposal of slaughterhouse trimmings, industrial runoff, and all other edible waste-products is under consideration.

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