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by Nagiros

Item#: 4260
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Official insignia of Operation "Many-Crowned Serpent"

Special Containment Procedures: The Containment Procedures of Iteration α.4260 have been deemed unsuitable for the prolonged containment of SCP-4260. As such, Experimental Operation “Many-Crowned Serpent” was executed on 02/13/2016, in order to achieve optimal containment. As a result, the nature of SCP-4260 has been radically altered; errors persist throughout the following description.1

Description: SCP-4260 is the collective consciousness of an essophysical entity which has permeated itself through the known universe. SCP-4260's existence has resulted in the biological senescence of sentient organisms and is the direct cause of any organism's cessation of life functions.

SCP-4260 itself is subject to its own entropy, and its anomalous influence on the universe has notably diminished in the preceding millennia. It is projected that SCP-4260 will expire by achieving an essophysical null-state in 2017 CE. The former containment procedures of SCP-4260 proved both incapable of halting this effect and its primary anomalous trait, although complete physical containment was achieved.

Procedure 8917 was finalized in March of 1999, and involved the termination of SCP-4260 — which would result in an ΩK-Class ("End-of-Death") Scenario — and its immediate reanimation via anomalous means; the procedure was designed to prevent the deaths of high-profile individuals within the Foundation and global extinction, if either event arose.

Addendum.4260.β.1: Acquisition

Assest-4260: Timeline of Manifestation Event

Date: 01/13/1999
Context: Research Site-76 began to register anomalous seismic activity, originating approximately one kilometer from the compound. Anomalous spatial distortions indicated Site-76 was experiencing an essophysical manifestation event; RTF Iota-39 deployed for retrieval of object.

Involved Task Forces:

<12:09a> Site-76 registers anomalous seismic activity.
<12:15a> Readings recalibrated; cause of seismic activity determined to be entropic in nature.
<01:03a> RTF Iota-39 deployed.
<01:45a> Iota-39 determines focal point of seismic activity; essophysical and entropic activity confirmed. Temporary observational post established.
<01:55a> Spatial distortions around the origin point indicate a manifestation event; Iota-39 experiences mild pulling force towards the origin as SCP-4260 attempts to create an area dense enough to manifest.
<02:08a> A rough approximation of a human arm manifests at the origin point; arm falls to ground and demanifests.
<02:15a> Iota-39 report massive pulling force from origin point, observation post secured.
<02:31a> Origin point is now sufficiently dense to facilitate a manifestation, projected T-minus 36 minutes. Iota-39 requests containment transport, Site-76 assembles and deploys MTF Mu-8.
<03:00a> Manifestation event enters final stage, observational post suffers minor damage as the origin point contracts. Mu-8 arrives and prepares containment and transport.
<03:07a> Manifestation event ends; SCP-4260 manifests at the origin point as an elderly human. SCP-4260 appears severely disoriented and requests immediate containment and hospitalization. Mu-8 restrains it and begins transport to Site-76's medical bay.

Addendum.4260.β.2: Lecture Log

Date: 01/07/2000
Lecturer: RTF Iota-39 Lead Preston Bracks
Context: In response to the evident importance of Procedure 8917 to the Foundation's continued operation, the Overseer Council assembled an advisory panel composed of leading members of the Foundation's Essophysics Department, among them RTF Lead Preston Bracks.

Individuals Present:

  • O5-4 through O5-13
  • Directors of Area-03 and Site-76
  • Nine (9) members of RTF Iota-39
  • Three (3) members of MTF Gamma-8

Ahem, alright, time to begin.

I am Dr. Preston Bracks, lead of RTF Iota-39 and Assistant Director of our little Essophysics Department. I call it "little" because we only have about twenty members — it actually came as a bit of a shock to us when we received your, erm, invitation. Thought you'd forgotten about us.

Regardless, The Essophysics Department is dedicated to the study of entities which embody certain universal concepts, such as Time, Science, and in the case of SCP-4260, Death. Old cultures referred to them as gods, which is a bit of a misnomer; we call them Intrinsics. Gods are reality-bending entities, usually with their own agendas and identities. Intrinsics are concepts which cannot be separated from our cosmos without us living in a radically different world. They’re more concept than entity, and rarely take any sort of physical form. SCP-4260 is somewhat of an anomaly in that regard.

As it stands, modern parascience is woefully ignorant of the basics of essophysical reality. We have no idea how many Intrinsics exist, if they can be contacted, and what degree of agency each one has. The avenue towards containment, then, is research. I'm sure most of you have been briefed about SCP-4260's retrieval last year, so I won't belabor any points, but SCP-4260’s behaviors have proven to be beyond insightful.

First, we know that these things aren’t omniscient or all-knowing, because it came to us with hopes that we would know how to save it. It was wrong.

Second, we know it’s smart. It chose the form of an elderly human, superficially unthreatening and incapable of violence — this was a calculated decision, meant to incline Mu-8 and Iota-39 towards helping it instead of combatting it. It succeeded.

SCP-4260 does not have a defined personality, nor does it have any goals or motivations beyond self-preservation. When the universe was new, its strength was incalculable. Life could not even hope to begin. Death was everywhere in the dark, dark expanse of a lonely cosmos. But over time, a miracle occurred, maybe the first anomaly: Death began to die. Slowly, ever so slowly, it began to be poisoned by its own ever-present miasma. The million claws which reached from the dark and tore down civilization took hold of their master as well, dragging it screaming into the abyss.

Death is dying under our roof, Councilmembers. And that is the most terrifying, and most fantastic news humanity may ever receive.

Greetings, O5-9.

Operation "Many-Crowned Serpent" has significantly altered the nature of SCP-4260. An update to this file is currently pending approval by the Foundation Archival Department to rectify the persistent errors throughout Iteration β.4260.

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