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Event Description
SCP-8900 [SCP-8900 infection has always occurred]
[The SCP Foundation failed to contain SCP-8900]

SCP-8900 was the first time the Foundation failed to adequately secure, contain and protect a major, life-changing anomaly. Normalcy was, for the first time, thought to be irreperably broken.

The Ennui Protocol was activated for the first time, resulting in overwhelming success, with more than 99.91% of the population being affected as intended. This success solidified the Ennui Protocol as a powerful tool to preserve the masquerade.

Event Description
Wardenclyffe Tower [Demolished in 1917, and was never operational]
[Fully operational until 1945]
Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki [Caused by atomic blasts]
[Caused by arc flashes]

Nicola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower provided free, wireless power transmission across the entire world. It was a cornerstone of the American economy for many years.

The wireless power transmission of the tower was weaponized during World War II, when the energy of the tower was transmitted and concentrated above the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in retaliation to the surprise military strike at Pearl Harbor. The resulting arc flash (and blast) caused widespread destruction.

The resulting weapon was a global, instantaneous, and impossible to detect weapon of mass destruction. The Overseer Council deemed the Wardenclyffe Tower to be a breach of consensus reality and it was dismantled. Due to the growing distress of the American people that the lack of the Tower caused massive GDP decline, the Ennui Protocol was activated to prevent the creation of additional towers.

Event Description
Bielefeld [The Bielefeld Conspiracy is an inside joke]
[The city of Bielefeld possesses mild cognitohazardous effects]

The city of Bielefeld (Germany) possesses a mild cognitohazardous effect where individuals acknowledging the town's existence may temporarily experience accessibility failure in memory, resulting in the individual believing the town doesn't exist.

By reducing the effects to merely an inside joke, when the cognitohazardous effects cease the brain will automatically jump to the conclusion retroactively that they were just joking, and not that they forgot that Bielefeld existed.

The Ennui Protocol was utilized due to frequent errors in containment due to the anomalous effect.

Event Description
Augmented Reality Headpieces [Augmented Reality failed to become a popular consumer product]
[Augmented Reality became a worldwide sensation]

Portable Augmented Reality Headpieces became a major concern to the SCP Foundation since their inception. Constant recording of one's surroundings will result in eventual digital spread of anomalous items, even more so than present. Augmented Reality Headpieces will also result in the obsolescence of amnestics, as all of the individual's activities will be recorded by the headpiece.

While there are workarounds to the problem, mainly security backdoors and specific viruses that target recordings in these pieces of technology, the risk to the Foundation was deemed too great.

RECENT NOTE: The "failure" of the Google Glass seems to have not dissuaded competitors. The Augmented Reality Headpiece discussion may need to be opened once again.

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Event Description
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The Administrator [Heather Everwoods]
Ennui Protocol [Accessible only to the Administrator]
[Accessible to the Overseer Council]

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