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Item #: SCP-4163

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The primary anomaly categorized as SCP-4163 has been neutralized. No extraordinary containment procedures are necessary to secure the anomaly's bodily remains, which were interred in the Cook Federal Cemetery shortly postmortem. The gravesite of SCP-4163 is to be guarded at all times by four armed members of the Federation Honor Guard, with limited public access granted on a once-yearly basis for ceremonial Founders' Day activities on June 19th.

SCP-4163-1 through SCP-4163-22 are on public display in the Mariana Santiago Memorial Museum1, secured by standard motion detection and personal recognition anti-theft systems. Further documented sub-anomalies of SCP-4163 are stored in all secure Federation Sites, as well as several public museums, private collections, research institutions, universities, and corporate campuses. While an unknown number of sub-anomalies exist in the hands of private individuals, the unregulated and easily duplicable status of sub-anomalies of SCP-4163 makes precise categorization impractical.

Description: SCP-4163 was an adult human female of hispanic ancestry, born in the year 2009 and deceased in the year 2106, age 97. SCP-4163 was known to the public by the legal name "Mariana Santiago." Save for its single anomalous property, SCP-4163 was physiologically and behaviorally human. Autopsy results document cause of death as respiratory failure following voluntary termination of life support, as directed by consensus of the immediate biological descendants of SCP-4163.

SCP-4163 is survived by two children, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, none of whom display any anomalous properties.2

SCP-4163's anomalous behavior was exhibited only when SCP-4163 achieved direct skin-contact with any computer system capable of running any variant of the game "Tetris." After contact, affected devices are permanently altered to allow any operator to play a "perfect game" of Tetris, maintaining a continuous streak of gameplay until the operator becomes too fatigued to continue or the device ceases to function. While a game is in-progress, operators exhibit muscle reaction times several orders of magnitude faster of an ordinary human, limited only by the hardware refresh rate of the given device. Affected devices display no anomalous behavioral properties other than those described above. These devices are categorized as sub-anomalies of SCP-4163.

There are more than 500 known sub-anomalies of SCP-4163, many of which were produced during post-acquisition testing. The anomalous properties of these units are not limited to the physical container within which they were created, but rather are intrinsic to the digital presence of the device.

Due to the mathematically NP-complete nature of "offline Tetris," a version of the game wherein a finite sequence of known blocks is pre-programmed into a round of gameplay3, SCP-4163-13 can be adapted to solve, in linear time, any mathematical problem in the NP domain. In effect, a suitable sequence of Tetris blocks can be used to represent any NP-hard problem, and the set of moves utilized to play the best possible game of Tetris with those blocks can be interpreted to represent the answer to this problem. One such NP-hard problem is the factorization of large numbers, a computationally difficult process that had been used as the basis for many antiquated cryptosystems before the containment breach of SCP-4163-13.

A simple computer program of unknown provenance capable of encoding cryptographic keys into Tetris sequences was widely distributed among the general population. This program, alongside instances of SCP-4163-13, saw extensive use among both government and private entities. The subsequent worldwide catastrophe was at that time designated as an in-progress IK-Class Collapse Of Global Civilization Event, prior to the establishment of a global Federation and a return to stability within the following seventeen years.

Technological advances made possible by SCP-4163 have been largely responsible for establishing the status quo of contemporary society. Linear-time solutions to NP-hard optimization problems have led to the development of sentient machine intelligences capable of live semantic language and vision recognition, as well as near-perfect predictive power over phenomena that previously required extremely computationally-intensive simulation. The resulting epochal leap in human- and machine-kind's progress is categorized by the modern day mastery of genetic engineering, robotics, nanotechnology, spaceflight, musical composition, medicine, poetry, transportation algorithms, visual arts, and virtual reality, among many other disciplines.

The SCP Foundation has been dissolved. Former Foundation Sites and activities are now under the jurisdiction of the SCP Federation. Following the Kepler Convention of 2042, the SCP Federation has relinquished its Systemic hegemony and deferred to the authority of the Council of Free Nations. From its sovereign Lunar headquarters in Site-20, the Federation provides voluntary neutral arbitration in matters of international conflict, and maintains System-wide authority over the containment of anomalous entities and objects.

While the substantial contributions of the Federation to the reinstatement of organized society in the Solar System are widely recognized, the Federation’s roots in the clandestine activities of the former SCP Foundation have not been overlooked. The Kepler Convention’s condemnation of the Federation’s presumption of absolute authority sought to reestablish the fundamental ethos of the original Foundation — the defense of civilization by bearing the burdens of humanity. Therefore, in accordance with the Santiago Declaration, the sole mission of the SCP Federation, superseding all other considerations, is threefold:




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