The following document is preserved for posterity due to its historic importance to the founding of the SCP Federation. The information contained herein is outdated and may contain significant inaccuracies. New information has been highlighted in blue.

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Item #: SCP-4163

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4163 is to be stored in a minimum-security Site-19 humanoid anomaly containment cell, provisioned with standard adult human nourishment and amenities. SCP-4163 is under no circumstances allowed within reach of any device capable of digital computation. Sub-anomalies of SCP-4163, including a single instance of SCP-4163-13 copied onto an external hard drive, are to be stored in standard Site-19 containment lockers. A copy of SCP-4163-13 is to be made available for tactical use only by direct authorization of the O5 Council.

Following the catastrophic containment breach of SCP-4163-13 and the subsequent IK-Class Collapse Of Global Civilization Event, Cold Silver protocol was initiated by order of the O5 Council. All personnel are instructed to immediately retreat to the nearest nuclear-hardened Federation facility. Weapons, hand-to-hand combat, wilderness survival, and basic agricultural training are freely available to any and all Federation citizens. Failure to abide by O5 instruction will be met by punishment up to and including summary execution by MTF-██

With concentrated effort by the Federation as a whole, the O5 Council has determined that a new global order may be restored within the next 20 to 30 years. All Federation efforts from the present day onwards are to be dedicated to this end.

Description: SCP-4163 is an adolescent human female of hispanic ancestry, born in the year 2009. SCP-4163 was known to the public by the legal name "Mariana S███████." Save for its single anomalous property, SCP-4163 is physiologically and behaviorally human.

SCP-4163's anomalous behavior is exhibited only when SCP-4163 achieves direct skin-contact with any Nintendo-brand computer system capable of running any variant of the game "Tetris." After contact, affected devices are permanently altered to allow any operator to play a "perfect game" of Tetris, maintaining a continuous streak of gameplay until the operator becomes too fatigued to continue or the device ceases to function. While a game is in-progress, operators exhibit muscle reaction times several orders of magnitude faster of an ordinary human, limited only by the hardware refresh rate of the given device. Affected devices display no anomalous behavioral properties other than those described above. These devices are categorized as sub-anomalies of SCP-4163.

There are 17 known sub-anomalies of SCP-4163, three of which were produced during post-acquisition testing. Save for SCP-4163-13, all such sub-anomalies have been secured by the Foundation. The anomalous properties of these units are not limited to the physical container within which they were created, but rather are intrinsic to the digital presence of the device.

SCP-4163-13 is a digital disk image file of a personal computer hard drive. When burned to suitable storage media, SCP-4163-13 behaves as a standard boot drive running the Ubuntu Linux operating system. New copies of SCP-4163-13 display the same anomalous Tetris behavior as all other sub-anomalies of SCP-4163.

Due to the mathematically NP-complete nature of "offline Tetris," a version of the game wherein a finite sequence of known blocks is pre-programmed into a round of gameplay1, SCP-4163-13 can be adapted to solve, in linear time, any mathematical problem in the NP domain. In effect, a suitable sequence of Tetris blocks can be used to represent any NP-hard problem, and the set of moves utilized to play the best possible game of Tetris with those blocks can be interpreted to represent the answer to this problem. One such NP-hard problem is the factorization of large numbers, a computationally difficult process that had been used as the basis for many modern cryptosystems before the containment breach of SCP-4163-13.

A simple computer program of unknown provenance capable of encoding cryptographic keys into Tetris sequences has been widely distributed among the general population. This program, alongside instances of SCP-4163-13, has seen extensive use among both government and private entities. The subsequent worldwide catastrophe has been designated as an in-progress IK-Class Collapse Of Global Civilization Event.

Virtually all modern cryptosystems, including those used by financial institutions, governments, private individuals, terrorist cells, and the former SCP Foundation, have been rendered obsolete. Global financial collapse is currently in-progress. Fiat currencies minted by nation-states have been rendered worthless, crytpocurrencies have become unreliable due to the non-secure and widely-inaccessible nature of the Internet, and competing ad hoc currencies based on precious metal standards have begun to emerge.

Widespread insurrection and civil war has become the de facto standard in most developed regions, with total anarchy holding sway over much of the world. While no known nuclear attacks have thus-far occurred, it was widely reported that the former United States, the People's Republic of China, and several other defunct nation-states had readied their nuclear arsenals for immediate deployment shortly before their national dissolutions.

Many, but not all, of the world's nuclear launch sites are now under direct Federation control, with launch authorization to be delegated by the O5 Council as appropriate. The retrieval of any and all extant weapons of mass destruction outside of Federation containment, including biological, chemical, and memetic weaponry, is tasked to MTF-██.

The SCP Foundation has been dissolved. Former Foundation Sites and activities are now under the jurisdiction of the SCP Federation. Former Foundation personnel have revoked their citizenships to any countries that still maintain sovereignty, and have been granted citizenship of the SCP Federation, pending appropriate vetting.

We will Secure. We will Contain. We will Prevail.
— O5-█, Director of the SCP Federation.

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