The following is the original documentation for SCP-4134.
This document has been declassified for historical significance as well as relevance to ongoing SCP-4134 containment efforts, but may not reflect current understanding of the anomaly.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-4134

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation will cooperate with leaders of various French Resistance groups, as well as the Vichy government, to safely contain SCP-4134-1 instances within the city of Paris. Research is ongoing to determine the origin of SCP-4134 and contain or neutralise the anomaly, if at all possible.
SCP-4134-1 instances are to be contained in Foundation warehouse located at [DATA REDACTED] by members of ATF Sacre-2 ("Mimesweepers") using Procedure 4134-Harpo (see Document 4134-Harpo).

Description: SCP-4134 refers to a pattern of behavior affecting an as-yet-unknown number of mimes within the city of Paris, France.

Mimes affected by SCP-4134 (designated SCP-4134-1) will travel on foot to areas of high foot traffic within the city. Upon reaching a suitable location, SCP-4134-1 instances will take a kneeling position with both arms extended forward from the shoulder. At this point, SCP-4134-1 instances are considered "armed" and will remain completely immobile until triggered. When armed, any force which displaces either hand of SCP-4134-1 more than 3cm will trigger a directional explosion outward from a point in space no more than 30 centimeters in front of the instance's chest, typically resulting in the destruction of both hands.

After detonation, SCP-4134-1 instances become non-anomalous, typically showing panic and confusion at their injuries. Expiration due to blood loss is common without immediate medical treatment. The Foundation estimates that over ███ mimes have been killed as a result of SCP-4134, or roughly 14% of the mime population of France, with containment efforts thus far causing an additional 29 Foundation casualties and 61 civilian casualties due to accidental activation of SCP-4134-1 instances.

The Foundation currently has ██ SCP-4134-1 instances in Foundation containment. Research into the origin of SCP-4134 is ongoing (see Interview Log 4134.1), but as of yet the anomaly has not been definitively tied with any GoI, entity, meme, or cognitohazard.

Discovery: The first known instance of SCP-4134-1 was discovered following the assassination of Ermst vom Rath outside the German Embassy in Paris on 09/11/1938. Foundation operatives intercepted a telegram sent to Sonderkommando für Paranormales, which described an explosion of unknown source from a mime with "inconsistent" blast damage. Data was found to correlate with a previous Extranormal Event which occurred during the capture of SCP-████, prompting the designation of SCP-4134.

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    Date: 12.14.1940
    Interviewer: Dr. Richard
    Interviewee: Pablo Laurent, a.k.a. "Fleur-nez"

    Purpose: To determine the nature of SCP-4134, as well as identify potential origin of SCP-4134, an interview was conducted with a surviving SCP-4134-1 instance. Mr. Laurent is a mime, typically performing under the name "Fleur-nez," recovered on Rue ████████ with major trauma to both hands. Both arms were amputated at the elbow.

    Dr. Richard: Good morning, Mr. Laurent. How are you feeling this morning?

    Mr. Laurent shrugs.

    Dr. Richard: (in English) Would you prefer I conduct this interview in English?

    Mr. Laurent shrugs.

    Dr. Richard: (in English) Why won't- oh, of course. (Dr. Richard switches to French sign language) Good morning, Mr. Laurent. Can you understand me?

    Mr. Laurent nods.

    R: Why were you at the █████ ████████ that day?

    Mr. Laurent holds up his arms, which have been amputated at the elbow.

    R: Right. Do you remember why you were at the █████ ████████ that day?

    Mr. Laurent shakes his head.

    R: How did you cause the explosion that destroyed your arms?

    Mr. Laurent shrugs quizzically and shakes his head.

    R: Do you know who or what caused you to do all this?

    Mr. Laurent motions with his right arm at the wall behind Dr. Richard. On the wall is the flag of France.

    R: Can you elaborate on that?

    Mr. Laurent holds up his arms, which have been amputated at the elbow.

    R: Oh, right.

    Mr. Laurent was held for an additional 48 hours, amnesticized, and released. Review of past medical records shows that Mr. Laurent is a deaf-mute.

As of 11/28/1940, SCP-4134-1 instances have killed over ██ Nazi soldiers, including the high-profile █████ ███ ██████ and his wife in front of the Eiffel Tower in October 1940. No Allied casualties have been reported. Statistical analysis is ongoing.

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