Item #: SCP-3939

Object Class: Unclassed

Special Containment Procedures: Object is kept in standard pre-containment holding cell. A researcher is to be assigned to classify it as soon as possible.

Description: None yet available.

You boot up SCiPnet and log into your email server.

You have one message, and it's from Carlos of all people.

To: Researcher ████ ████████

From: Junior Research Carlos Rodriguez

Dr. ████████,

I noticed you left early yesterday. Are things okay? I know you've been having issues with your demotion, and I want to make sure that you're not falling under the mental health bus for it. Remember to let psych know if you're feeling down, they can help with that.
In the meantime, I can't come in today — personal reasons, I'm sure you understand. As reparations, I actually took the liberty of making a first draft of the 3939 document for you. It's attached.


Junior Researcher Rodriguez

Contrary to what he thinks, you're fine, just lazy. You're a little irritated that he didn't offer an excuse for not coming in today, but you're impressed that he actually made the effort to do something.

In fact, you're more irritated that the Site Director hasn't sent you anything about just what the hell is going on.

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