Item #: SCP-3939

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As of 2018-02-28 00:39, SCP-3939 is irreversibly contained within this document. As changes to the interactive story may still result in SCP-3939 escaping containment, it has been classified as Safe, but may be considered effectively Neutralized.

Personnel intending to read this document must first inoculate themselves from SCP-3939 by reading the interactive story at least once. This is a pre-emptive measure and may not be required.

Containment procedures consist of an interactive story infected with SCP-3939. Through the use of SCP-2719 and technology developed by the Memetics Department, Senior Researcher ████ ████████ has been embedded into this story as a containment catalyst to ensure that containment is maintained despite successive readings of the interactive story. Edits to the interactive story must be written in advance and reviewed by no less than three members of Class 4 personnel. While making edits, sections of the story that are not being modified must not be read.

Deletion of this document, and hence the containment, will terminate both Senior Researcher ████ ████████ and SCP-3939.

Within this document, the name of Senior Researcher ████ ████████ must be redacted such as to offer an additional layer of protection from SCP-3939.

Description: SCP-3939 has no physical form, but exists as an unknown hostile entity embedded into an extremely aggressive meme.

SCP-3939 possesses the ability to move through any type of information-based medium, be that text-based documents, data streams, biological memories or even body language. An individual carrying SCP-3939 within their neurology, hereafter denoted SCP-3939-1, may pass SCP-3939 onto another individual through any communication method. Note that SCP-3939 does not possess the ability to duplicate - once it has moved onto another host, its previous host can be considered 'cured' and the new host becomes SCP-3939-1.

SCP-3939 exhibits full physical control over SCP-3939-1. Due to the ease with which SCP-3939 moves through informational media, this makes it unreasonably difficult to contain, as SCP-3939-1 need only glance at a written message to hide SCP-3939 within it, and then possess the next person to read said message.

Observations indicate that SCP-3939 experiences a resistance when travelling via an informational medium that is inversely proportional to the engagement of the target. For example, a potential host will pick up SCP-3939 rapidly from long-form written media, especially one in which they are emotionally immersed (such as a story). However, a potential host picks up SCP-3939 much slower from eye contact with SCP-3939-1, for example, owing to the fleeting nature of the interaction. They may not pick up SCP-3939 at all from this. It is also worth noting that SCP-3939 displays a repulsion towards extremely informationally-dense mediums, such as video recordings, presumably due to 'not being able to fit in them'. As such SCP-3939 has never been visually represented, and it is likely that such representation would destroy it.

On account of the lower resistance to transition, SCP-3939 has a particular affinity for informational media of a narrative nature. It especially prefers to manifest in those with an element of interaction, as this provides a greater degree of immersion for the target and hence a lower resistance to transmission. As such, an experimental containment procedure was developed by Senior Researcher ████ ████████ which utilises a short-form interactive story to contain SCP-3939 within itself. However, rather than SCP-3939 imprinting onto the reader, the story is engineered such that it instead imprints onto Dr. ████████, who is also contained as a character in the story. When the story resets, either by the reader starting over or by a new reader taking over, SCP-3939 also resets and de-imprints from Senior Researcher ████ ████████. As such, perfect containment is achieved.

Senior Researcher ████ ████████ is considered effectively terminated, and has been posthumously awarded the Foundation Crest for sacrificing themselves for the sake of containment.

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