Item #: SCP-3939

Object Class: Unclassed

Special Containment Procedures: Object is kept in standard pre-containment holding cell. A researcher is to be assigned to classify it as soon as possible.

Description: None yet available.

To: Site Director (Site-39)

From: Researcher ████ ████████


I've just checked the original correspondence. It wasn't actually SCP-3939, it was a completely different one. I'm really not sure how I made that mistake.

Sincere apologies for wasting your time. Thank you for checking my error.


Researcher ████ ████████

That's complete bullshit. SCP-3939 was definitely the one you were supposed to be looking at. There's no doubt about it. Just to be sure, and seeing that your emails are already right here, you open the first one from O5-3 instructing you to come to Site-39, subject "Reparations."

Yep, it definitely says right there, SCP-3939. And that's repeated an arbitrary number of times in all the emails that followed between yourself, O5-3 and O5-9. Not once did anyone say "hold up, nope, it's actually this completely different SCP we want you to look at".

So Amanda Salisbury was either trying to make you look like a complete idiot, or she genuinely didn't know that it's been sitting in pre-containment in her Site for potentially thirteen years. You don't know which is more worrying. If it's the former, you'll look like an idiot if you send this email. If it's the latter, you'll still look like an idiot, but hopefully a bit less.

"Bit less of an idiot" is the best you can do here. You send the email.

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