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Item #: SCP-3844

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-3844 are to be kept in a standard containment locker for non-anomalous materials. The former location of SCP-3844's dwelling is to be inspected once every 72 hours for possible anomalous activity.

Description: SCP-3844 is was a winged reptile, measuring 50.22m 10.30m from tail to head, and with a wing span of 42.78m 8.33m1. It is was estimated to weigh 18,000kg 235kg. SCP-3844's scales are were of a pale blue hue, except around the stomach where they are much lighter were completely white. SCP-3844 is was capable of forcefully expelling a methane vapor from its mouth (achieving temperatures as high as 1950°C), and igniting it through unknown means through an instantaneous application of thaumaturgical incantation #043.

SCP-3844 is was capable of speech in 7 at most 2 languages, and has moderate had little knowledge of world events. During interactions with personnel, SCP-3844 takes took the form of an adult male, however SCP-3844 claims it can claimed it could mimic the appearance of any human2.

SCP-3844 inhabits inhabited an immense cavern that contains contained approximately 5.22x104kg of valuable metals (approximately 2.6 billion 13.4 million US 1984 dollars). SCP-3844 often burrows burrowed underneath these materials, where it presumably sleeps.

In conversation, SCP-3844 has had confirmed that it is the inspiration behind a number of european myths involving dragons. It also claims claimed to be the model for the Welsh flag3.

Addendum: The following is a transcript of an the final interview between O5-2 and SCP-3844 before SCP-3844 attempted to breach containment.

<Begin Log>

SCP-3844: Why, hello. I'm a little surprised you showed up.

O5-2: You did ask to speak with the person in charge of your containment. I've been doing this since the beginning.

SCP-3844: It's not that I expected you to decline my request. I'm surprised you're still upright instead of laying down under the earth somewhere.

O5-2: I mean, it's nothing special. I tried to refuse, but the council insist they keep their figure head in pristine condition. It's just a bit of thaumaturgy and temporal technology.

SCP-3844: It's magic, is what it is.

O5-2: Everything is science when you examine it for long enough.

SCP-3844: That is more or less what I've learned over that past century or so. Which is really too bad.

O5-2: How so?

SCP-3844: Have you ever looked up at the stars as of late?

O5-2: Not really, no.

SCP-3844: Regardless, can you tell me what you would see?

O5-2: Stars?

SCP-3844: But what are stars?

O5-2: Balls of flaming gas. If you want me to be more specific I could list their chemical components.

SCP-3844: No, that's fine. I've read up on them myself. However, do you know what a duke once told me many, many years ago when I asked him the same thing?

O5-2: I believe he would've given a much less accurate answer.

SCP-3844: He said, "They're little lights from the heavens." His voice spoke with awe, much like yours when we first met.

O5-2: Are you grieving over the advancement of science? Upset that we can now understand you?

SCP-3844: No, I'm mourning the death of spectacles and miracles. I wish I could embrace science, but it takes away so much of what I enjoy about this world of ours. It appears I'm allergic to the stuff.

O5-2: Well, I don't have much I can do about that.

SCP-3844: I understand. It's fine. I think I'll finally have to break our agreement, although in fairness you did not exactly uphold your end.

O5-2: I can't just let you leave.

SCP-3844: I see no way for you to stop me. I really must be going. My wings have not felt the rush of air in a century, and I can hear my kin's beck and call.

O5-2: You seem quite confident.

SCP-3844: Confidence is all I have left. I don't want to believe that the world doesn't need its whimsy anymore.

<End Log>

SCP-3844 was terminated by the anti-aircraft artillery stationed around its dwelling. However, inspection of SCP-3844's projected trajectory uncovered the remains of a non-anomalous Draco volans4.

Additionally, the location of SCP-3844 no longer contained a large cavern, but instead a small hole, approximately 1m deep, and 2m in diameter.

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