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Item #: SCP-3844

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: While proper facilities are under construction, SCP-3844 is to be contained at its dwelling within the Dolomite Mountains. A 100m x 100m perimeter is to be regularly patrolled by Foundation personnel to ensure no civilians come into contact with SCP-3844.

Anti-aircraft artillery is to be positioned around SCP-3844's dwelling. Artillery is to fire at any airborne entities over the containment perimeter. Any evidence of the existence of SCP-3844 is to be attributed to bombing runs.

Once a week, one D-Class is to be sent to interact with SCP-3844. Stealing items from SCP-3844 is prohibited.

Description: SCP-3844 is a winged reptile, measuring 73.76m from tail to head with a wing span of 67.42m. It is estimated to mass 27,000kg. SCP-3844's scales are of a purple hue, except around the stomach where they are much lighter. SCP-3844 is capable of expelling fire at 3400°C from its mouth through an unknown method.

SCP-3844 is capable of speech in at least 14 languages, and has an extensive knowledge of world events. During interactions with personnel, SCP-3844 takes on the form of an adult male human, however SCP-3844 can mimic the appearance of any human.

SCP-3844 inhabits a cavern that contains a currently unquantified amount of valuable metals. SCP-3844 often burrows underneath these materials, where it presumably sleeps.

Addendum: The following is a transcript of an interview between Dr. Lester Fegmont and SCP-3844.

<Begin Log>

Fegmont: Good evening.

SCP-3844: Lester! It's been decades, I believe. Although I guess you never specified a time for your return visit. Or circumstances.

Fegmont: I'm sorry about the err… updates, but war time calls for extreme measures.

SCP-3844: Ah, so the new-age knights still fight old-time battles.

Fegmont: I wouldn't say that we fight really. We just make sure the battles don't expose things people aren't supposed to see.

SCP-3844: Like me?

Fegmont: Yes, like you. But trust me, there are much, much worse things.

SCP-3844: I see. Did you at least bring the gin this time?

Fegmont: [smiles] I might run the show around here, but I still can't drink on the job.

SCP-3844: [laughs] Next time, then.

Fegmont: Of course.

SCP-3844: And will I ever be allowed to fly again?

Fegmont: Hopefully. But not before the war ends.

SCP-3844: The war is your whole world, isn't it?

Fegmont: Not so much. Governments just pay us to keep anomalies out of the hands of the other side. Can't imagine what would happen if people got ahold of anomalous rifles or—

SCP-3844: Dragons.

Fegmont: Yes, dragons.


SCP-3844: Do you still perform research like you used to? I remember how you spoke of the lab.

Fegmont: We do. We do. One day, this war will end, but others of uh… your type show no signs of slowing down.

SCP-3844: Sharpening your swords.

Fegmont: I guess that's the apt analogy.

SCP-3844: And your fellow men eye me the same way knights did too. Like a prize.

Fegmont: They're just taking the measurements I should've made when we first met. I'll come back when we discover new things to evaluate.

SCP-3844: And at the end of the war, right?

Fegmont: And at the end of the war.

SCP-3844: I do hope I can trust you to uphold that.

Fegmont: Of course you can. But until then, do you have any further questions? I believe all of mine have been answered.

SCP-3844: Don't worry about me when there are larger issues at hand. You have a war to fight after all.

<End Log>

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