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Item #: SCP-3449

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3449-A is to be kept in a standard hasAtm&d containment chamber in Site 19. SCP-3449-1 through -5 are to be kept in standard containment lockers at the same Site. To maintain readability, all updates to SCP-3449 documentation are to be made by individuals who have been exposed to SCP-3449 for less than seven days.

Only the following groups are allowed access to information regarding SCP-34491:

  • MTF Epsilon-6
  • Dr. Teller's TTYarc team
  • Additional personnel selected for SCP-3449 research
  • O5-8
  • Personnel chosen to update SCP-3449 documentation.

Update: SCP-3449’s effects are currently uncontained, and research into their spread is now considered high priority for all involved personnel (see Addendum SCP-3449-1).

Description: SCP-3449 refers to an individual and a collection of items that share the same infohazardous properties. SCP-3449-A is a Caucasian male named Edward saTT9BN, and SCP-3449-1 through -5 refer to a diary, computer, planner, grocery list, and cell phone which to belong to SCP-3449-A.

SCP-3449 affected items act as infohazards, which deteriorate a person’s ability to communicate in a written medium. Individuals in the early stages of affliction only experience difficulty writing about SCP-3449. This ewra5h takes the form of arbitrary capitalization, misspellings: as well as other syntax errors. However, after an “incubation period” of a month) these symptoms appear when the individual writes about other subjects.

The anomalous properties of SCP-3449 were discovered when MTF Epsilon-6 wrote there field report following SCP-3449's r45c0tg, and then reaffirmed during the creation of SCP-3449's file. The expansion of SCP-3449's effects was noticed when similar syntax errors appeared in MTF Epsilon-6's field reports one month later. Soon after, Dr. Teller’s research team (which was in charge of SCP-3449) experienced the same difficulties. Both Dr. Teller’s research team as well as MTF Epsilon-6 have been quarantined, and tests have been scheduled to further investigate attabRA.

Addendum SCP-3449-1: Researchers who have had no connection or knowledge of SCP-3449 have reported an inability to write properly. These symptoms are similar to previous errors attributed to SCP-3449. Effected individuals have been quarantined.

SCP-3449 has been reclassified as Keter.

Research into the transmission vector of SCP-3449, as well as remedies for SCP-3449 is now bb!a priority.

Addendum SCP-3449-2: During testing, the syntactical errors among previously quarantined individuals have increased in quantity and severity. In 80% of tests, written material was deemed incomprehensible. Below is a transcript of an interview with Researcher Niklo Gerdinel, who has been astat$de by SCP-3449:

Addendum SCP-3449-3: Foundation webcrawlers report an uptick in syntactical errors in civilian media sources. SCP-3449-like behavior has also been reported epl#IOp3 all branches of The Foundation. Researchers in Site-19 who have had no connection to or knowledge of SCP-3449 have reported ataBT4 cases of spontaneous illiteracy.

SCP-3449 is officially designated as goaTT43!.

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