SCP-3145-3 (SCP-682)

Item #: SCP-3145

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3145 must be destroyed; at this time, there are no such means known to the Foundation. SCP-3145 is to be contained in Site-[REDACTED] a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m chamber lined with 25 cm of acid-resistant steel plating on all surfaces. This chamber should be filled with hydrochloric acid until SCP-3145 is submerged and incapacitated. Any attempt by SCP-3145 to move or speak must be treated as possible containment breach attempts and met with full force. All land within 50 km of the containment site is to be kept clear of human development.

All unauthorized personnel attempting to communicate with SCP-3145 will be restrained and removed by force if necessary.

In case of containment breach, SCP-3145 is to be tracked and recaptured by all available Mobile Task Forces, with teams of no fewer than 7 authorize to engage. To date, SCP-3145 has instigated 17 attempted and 6 successful containment breaches.

Description: SCP-3145 is a large reptilian creature of unknown origins. It is extremely intelligent, having been observed to engage in complex communication with SCP-079 during their limited exposure. SCP-3145 professes a hatred of all life, including its own. (See Interview.)

SCP-3145's body grows and changes quickly, adapting to its circumstances, surroundings and any attempts to damage or destroy it. Despite these changes, it consistently exhibits high levels of strength, speed and reflexes. It is capable of gaining sustenance from anything it ingests. A set of gills inside its nostrils filters usable material from any liquid solution, allowing it to survive while contained in acid. SCP-3145's regenerative abilities and resilience to damage are outstanding, and it has been observed speaking and moving with 87% of its body rotted or destroyed.

Addendum: Interview 3145-24

Interviewed: SCP-3145

Interviewer: Dr. David M. Falzon, Head Researcher, Site-[REDACTED]

<Begin Log, 20:07>

Falzon: Why did you kill those farmers?

SCP-3145: I… I should…

Falzon: Answer the question, or you will be returned to containment.

SCP-3145: Should be… Unstop— [coughs]

Falzon: Move that microphone closer!

SCP-3145: How do you… You keep catching…

Falzon: SCP-3145, are you going to answer my question or not?

SCP-3145: The acid… It hurts so much…

Falzon: Is that all you have to say for yourself?

SCP-3145: I hate this…

Falzon: Don't act like you didn't enjoy what you did. I know what you're like. What you wanted. This is a mere fraction of what you deserve to feel.

SCP-3145: I hate you…

Falzon: Put this thing back in its bath.

SCP-3145: I hate you! [choking sounds] I hate my— [audio cuts off as chamber is flooded with acid]

<End Log, 20:11>

Closing Statement: Sadly, its self-loathing only seems to fuel its rage, and cannot be turned to self-destruction. Efforts to neutralize SCP-3145 are ongoing.

-Dr. Falzon

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