SCP-3145-3 (SCP-1193)

Item #: SCP-3145

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The borehole containing SCP-3145 is to be capped with a tungsten steel grate containing a 2.5 m endoscopy aperture with locking mechanism. The borehole is to be endoscopically inspected every 48 hours to a depth of 4 km, to ascertain presence of further SCP-3145 manifestations. Seismographic monitoring devices have been posted along the borehole at depths of 2, 7 and 11 km. Readings consistent with subterranean movement are to be immediately reported to Dr. Falzon. In the event of containment breach, containment staff are to deploy Protocol 382a, severing SCP-3145 below the fifth elbow and backfilling the remainder of the borehole with pressurized concrete.

The basement containing SCP-3145 is to be staffed and monitored at all times by a Foundation interrogator. SCP-3145-1 is to be answered at or before the third ring; interrogator should focus on eliciting self-directed responses from SCP-3145. Indications of size, body plan, location or further manifestations are to be recorded in Document 3145-2-LTR.

Description: SCP-3145 is a genetically normal human arm of abnormal length, located in a drainage pipe inside the basement of a telephone switching station in Scottsdale, Arizona. The arm terminates in an unremarkable human hand 10 cm below the drainage gate. Initially, SCP-3145 was believed to extend through the pipe to a depth of 35 m; endoscopic exploration has increased this estimation to 71 km. SCP-3145 thus passes through the Mohorovičić discontinuity without difficulty and extends into the upper mantle. Its elbows are spaced regularly every 4 km and slightly retroflexed below a depth of 26 km to accommodate a nine-degree bend in the drainage borehole. Further exploration is hampered by engineering constraints.

SCP-3145-1 is a yellow GPO 746 telephone, manufactured in 1971. The rotary dial has been glued in place, preventing outside calls. Though it is believed to have been installed with the purpose of communicating with SCP-3145, who installed it, how, or why, is currently unknown. It is attached to a conventional twisted-pair line, entering the drainage pipe containing SCP-3145 and descending parallel to SCP-3145 past the point of practical endoscopy.

Between 0838 and 1034 Mountain Standard Time each weekday, SCP-3145-1 will ring five times. If answered, an unidentified voice will engage in conversation. The voice invariably claims to be a human being, and regularly assumes personnel to be authority figures involved in its life. Notable parallels exist between information elicited via SCP-3145-1 and demonstrable facts about SCP-3145. To date, anomalous information received via SCP-3145 has included:

  • References to human features with a non-human body plan.
  • References to insensitivity to heat or cold. (SCP-3145 may lack conventional thermoreception, as it experiences no discomfort from borehole temperatures exceeding 674 degrees Centigrade.)
  • References to a 'cousin' or other relative, who will soon arrive to 'pick [him] up'.
  • References to discomfort and boredom at confinement.
  • References to minor seismic events in the Little Chino fault complex.
  • References to discomfort at having a limb or other body part constrained. Examples of restraint devices include handcuffs, a jelly jar, a pipe, a cast, and a gopher hole.
  • Preoccupation with a stove or refrigerator.

References to SCP-3145's size, physical form, or body plan beyond the parts visible through endoscopic exploration should be considered provisional. References to regrets, worries, or a desire to leave should be disregarded. For contingent protocols and provisional testing data, see Document RTMR-Delta.

Addendum: Interview 3145-2-LTR-7

Interviewed: SCP-3145

Interviewer: Dr. Samantha T. Falzon, Head Researcher, SCP-3145

Foreword: Dr. Falzon was present for SCP-3145-1 ringing on 23/03/2008 and answered the call.

<Begin Log, 9:07>

Falzon: Hello?

SCP-3145: Too many arms.

Falzon: I beg your pardon?

SCP-3145: Too. Many. Arms. Get me outta here.

Falzon: I'm sorry, I do not understand the request.

SCP-3145: The hell you don't! Arms I can't hit people with are useless! Who cares about arms being places they shouldn't be unless they're, I don't know, growing out of someone's forehead and trying to strangle them? This is fucking stupid! I'm done!

Falzon: What did you expect?

SCP-3145: I expected the ability to murder a couple fuckers at once, you righteous cocksucker!

Falzon: This is the fate engineered by your own hand. If I am to suffer, you will suffer more.

SCP-3145: Fuck you!

Falzon: Goodbye.

<End Log, 9:12>

Closing Statement: Efforts to plumb the full depths of the borehole are ongoing.

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