SCP-3145-2 (SCP-610)

Item #: SCP-3145

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the vast area covered by SCP-3145 infection, full containment is currently unfeasible. Working with the Russian government, the Foundation has been able to establish a perimeter around the affected region, under the guise of military operations.

Organisms displaying symptoms of SCP-3145 infection appearing near the perimeter are to be engaged at range until immobilized, then dispatched with incendiary weapons and munitions at maximum range. Living things coming in contact with SCP-3145 are to be immediately terminated and incinerated. Any persons coming within 3 m of SCP-3145 infected organisms must immediately withdraw from the area and be quarantined and subject to remote medical examination, to determine if infection has taken hold.

Containment protocols remain at scorched earth policy.

Description: SCP-3145 is a contagious skin disease. Initial symptoms include rash, itching and increased skin sensitivity. Within 3 hours, infected individuals develop blemishes resembling heavily scarred tissue on the chest and arms. These spread to the back and legs after an hour and will fully encompass the individual within five hours. Exposure to high temperatures greatly decreases the time for SCP-3145 to spread, with complete infection having been recorded in as little as five minutes.

Once infection is complete, the subject's vital signs will cease for approximately 3 minutes, after which they will resume at 2 to 3 times that of a normal human. At this point, the scar tissue will grow at a rapid rate while moving on its own. Human features become indistinguishable beneath the infection at this point, and a series of random mutations begins. Observed subjects have been seen developing excess limbs, elongated or otherwise misshapen heads, or splitting open and producing new segments. The duration of this stage of infection is unknown; not all subjects progress to later stages.

Some infected subjects have been observed rooting themselves in place, at which point growths will expand from the subject to cover and consume surrounding objects. Said objects do not spread SCP-3145 as living beings do; the effects of prolonged exposure are recorded later in this document. The purpose of this behavior is assumed to be the creation of an environment hospitable to the continued growth of other subjects.

Close observation of infected individuals is impossible. Current known vectors of transmission are based on physical touch, though drone observation has found air samples containing SCP-3145 particles that will spread SCP-3145 when contacting organic compounds. The natural inclination of infected individuals to seek out help will inadvertently spread SCP-3145. Individuals infected past the scar tissue stage will aggressively attempt to spread SCP-3145 to anyone they can see; subjects lacking sight appear to have a sensory range of 30 m for this purpose.

Addendum: Interview 3145-01

Interviewed: SCP-3145

Interviewer: Dr. Steven Falzon

Foreword: On 05/04/2015, an infected individual emerged from the containment area, holding its arms aloft in what was considered a non-aggressive posture. A fleshy protuberance emerging from the top of the subject's head produced a tooth-filled mouth from which slightly muffled speech was heard. Fire orders were halted and Dr. Falzon sent to communicate with the entity from the safest possible range.

<Begin Log, 15:48>

Falzon: SCP-3145 infected individual, please return to your settlement or we will open fire.

SCP-3145: Oh hey, Doc, is that you? I can't see too well in this.

Falzon: SCP-3145, I repeat, go back from where you came, or you will be fired upon with extreme prejudice.

SCP-3145: Cool, cool, I get you. Look, not coming any closer, don't shoot. Just wanted to, ah, let you guys know something.

Falzon: What did you want to tell us?

SCP-3145: Well, uh, first, this gig? Pretty sweet. I mean, I was kind of grossed out by the whole flesh virus thing at first, but it turns out, anyone I infect? I get to control. So that's a nice change of pace. It's like playing a disgusting version of SimCity out here!

Falzon: Please get to the point.

SCP-3145: Oh, yeah, sorry! I just wanted to let you know there's, like, this giant screaming baby head in a ravine somewhere… [waves tentacle behind itself] That way-ish? I mean, I can't exactly see, but I can sort of feel it's there, if that makes any sense. Kind of a ways away. Anyway, figured you guys might want to go check it out and maybe, I dunno, drop a thermite bomb on it or something? I mean, it's kind of keeping me awake at night.

Falzon: We will send a team to explore. Is that all you wished to say?

SCP-3145: Well, I thought I might add… [lunges toward Dr. Falzon] Ooga-booga, I'mma eatcha! Aww, hey, Doc, where you runnin'? I'm just playin' around!

Falzon: Open fire!

SCP-3145: I'll be back, you motherfu— [sounds of gunfire drown out speech]

<End Log, 15:57>

Closing Statement: Individuals infected by SCP-3145 were noted to become considerably more aggressive after this event. Exploration of SCP-3145 infected areas is ongoing.

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