SCP-3145-1 (SCP-106)

Item #: SCP-3145

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures Revision 11-8: SCP-3145 is to be contained in a sealed container, itself sealed within 40 layers of lead-lined steel, with each layer separated by no less than 36 cm of empty space. Support struts between layers should be placed randomly. Container is to remain suspended via ELO-IID electromagnetic support no less than 60 cm from any surface.

A secondary containment area is to be constructed of 16 spherical cells, each filled with various fluids and a random assembly of surfaces and supports. This area is to be fitted with light systems capable of flooding the entire assembly with no less than 80,000 lumens of light instantly and without direct human involvement. Both containment areas are to remain under 24 hour surveillance.

No physical interaction with SCP-3145 is to be allowed at any time. Any testing must be approved by at least two-thirds vote from O5-Command and must be undertaken in AR-II maximum security sites after a general non-essential staff evacuation. All staff are to remain at least 60 m away from the containment cell at all times, except during breach events.

Any corrosion observed on any surface, staff member or other location within 200 m of SCP-3145 is to be immediately reported to site security. No recovery attempts are to be made for objects or personnel lost to SCP-3145.

Description: SCP-3145 is a humanoid entity of somewhat variable appearance that appears to be in an advanced state of decomposition. Despite this, SCP-3145 is animate, though it spends most of its time motionless, often for days at a time. When active, SCP-3145 will attack its favored prey (humans between 10 and 25 years of age), damaging major organs, muscle groups or tendons to disable subjects before pulling them into its pocket dimension. Despite not being particularly agile, SCP-3145 can scale any vertical surface and remain suspended upside-down indefinitely.

SCP-3145 induces corrosion in all solid matter several seconds after contact. This takes the form of rusting, rotting and cracking of material, along with the production of a black mucus. This effect is particularly detrimental to living tissues, which appear to be pre-digested over the course of 6 hours after contact.

SCP-3145 is capable of entering solid matter and vanishing into its pocket dimension, leaving behind a large patch of corrosive mucus. SCP-3145 can then exit this extradimensional location from any point physically connected to the initial entry point. Limited observation of this space has shown it to be comprised of an apparently endless series of hallways and rooms. SCP-3145 will trap its prey in the space and toy with them, often keeping them alive for days.

Addendum: Interview 3145-01

Interviewed: SCP-3145

Interviewer: Dr. Falzon, Researcher, SCP-3145

Foreword: During a breach event, SCP-3145 paused outside an observation booth and addressed Dr. Falzon, who had been attempting to coordinate containment efforts during the event.

<Begin Log, 08:45>

Falzon: SCP-3145, how are you liking your accommodations?

SCP-3145: Oh, they're great. A little cramped, maybe, but not too hard to get out.

Falzon: I imagine asking you to return to your containment cell would be an exercise in futility.

SCP-3145: You got it, Doc! [clicks tongue and winks] I'm having too much fun right now.

Falzon: May I ask what your purpose is in hunting human beings?

SCP-3145: Oh, y'know, shits and giggles, I guess. I mean, it ain't exactly mass murder around here, but oh shit, you should see the looks on these kids' faces when they realize what's happened to them!

Falzon: SCP-3145, I am going to ask you again to return—

SCP-3145: [suddenly penetrates observation booth glass] Boo! Comin' to get you! [laughs] See? That's exactly what I'm talking about! The look on your face is priceless! Totally worth all the trouble with the lights and water and shit.

Falzon: Security, report to Observation Booth 3145-01!

SCP-3145: Aw, c'mon, Doc, don't be like that. You've been good conversation. I ain't gonna kill ya. This time. Ooh, I hear security coming, that's my cue. Later!

<End Log, 08:52>

Closing Statement: SCP-3145 left by corroding a hole in the observation booth floor and was not recaptured for 9 hours. Containment procedures are currently under review, as per standard protocol. As previous, more proactive containment procedures resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED], refinement of current procedures is ongoing.

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