SCP-3145-1 (SCP-076)

Item #: SCP-3145

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment Area 22b is to be located 200 m below sea level, in the bedrock of a seismologically stable zone. The Containment Area is to be solely accessible through an elevator shaft with reinforced blast doors placed every 50 m. The shaft is to be flooded with seawater when not in use.

Containment Area 22b is to include the following:

  • An Outer Security Perimeter staffed by security personnel trained in close-quarters combat and counter-intrusion tactics.
  • An Administrative and Support Area (ASA) with support facilities and living quarters for on-site personnel.
  • A Primary Containment Zone (PCZ), consisting of a 7 m3 room encased in 1.5 m of reinforcing material. PCZ should remain filled with seawater unless access to contents is required.
  • A 150 m corridor which is to be the sole access to the PCZ from the ASA, including water, drainage and power lines. The walls and floor of the corridor are to be reinforced in the same manner as the PCZ. Additionally, an electric deterrence system, capable of delivering a minimum of 20 kV, is installed in the floor.

A security station at the entrance to the corridor is to be staffed with no fewer than 3 armed security personnel. Armament includes, but is not limited to, at least 1 ███████ CIW system on a pintle mount with clear line of sight down the corridor. System is to include a plexiglass screen capable of withstanding thrown weaponry.

In the event of full containment breach, all on-site staff are to proceed to the closest security station for weapons and armor distribution. Alert Condition One will be sounded and remain in effect until SCP-3145 is confirmed neutralized. Should 90 minutes pass without a Stand Down order from Level 4 or higher personnel, Final Contingency Measures will be activated, flooding the facility in seawater and sealing off the access shaft for a minimum of 24 hours before retrieval can be attempted. This will necessarily result in the loss of all on-site staff.

Description: SCP-3145 is a male human of Semitic origin, 1.96 m high and 81.65 kg in weight. Numerous tattoos depicting arcane iconography are present on all skin surfaces. When enclosed in SCP-3145-1, SCP-3145 exhibits no vital signs.

SCP-3145-1 is a cube, 3 m on a side, made of an unidentified black stone and carved on all surfaces with unidentified patterns. Radioisotope analysis indicates the object is approximately 10,000 years old. A door on one side is sealed with a 0.5 m lock, surrounded by 20 smaller locks. No corresponding keys have been found, making the locks impossible to set. Directly in the center of the cube is a stone coffin, held in place and shut by several chains of unknown material, attached to the inner corners of SCP-3145-1.

Occasionally, SCP-3145 will awaken, displaying the vital signs of a normal, living human being, and attempt to leave SCP-3145-1. If successful, SCP-3145 will seek out the nearest human. Upon coming in contact with living humans, SCP-3145 attempt to kill any and all humans it encounters. To date, only the subject's death has been shown capable of stopping it.

Termination of SCP-3145 has been problematic due to its physical abilities, including superhuman strength and speed, ignoring pain of its injuries, and being able to persist despite injuries that would otherwise be debilitating to a normal human. A further list of its abilities from prior encounters includes:

  • Destroying a reinforced security door via 4 minutes of sustained assault.
  • Traveling 64 m in under 3 seconds.
  • Continuing to function despite severe damage to the cerebellum after sustaining multiple .50 caliber BMG round hits.
  • Deflecting assault-caliber bullets with steel rebar.
  • Surviving over 1 hour while deprived of oxygen.
  • Producing bladed weapons from small extradimensional portals. Said weapons are made of a completely non-reflective black material and vanish immediately after leaving SCP-3145's possession. How the subject generates these rifts is unknown.

The following methods have been used to successfully terminate SCP-3145 in past encounters:

  • Sustained fire from multiple high-caliber machine guns.
  • Asphyxiation.
  • Crushed beneath elevator equipment weighing of 13.6 tons.
  • A Thermate-TH3 hand grenade placed directly in SCP-3145's open chest.

Notably, during a breach dated ██/██/████, Containment Area 22 (which previously housed SCP-3145) was forced to detonate its on-site warhead as a last effort to contain SCP-3145. Though the site and all personnel were lost, SCP-3145 survived.

Upon death, SCP-3145 will rapidly putrefy and turn to dust. SCP-3145-1 and the coffin inside of it will then slam shut, the outer lock rotating and sealing the structure. SCP-3145 will then reform inside the coffin over the course of anywhere from 6 hours to 25 years.

Addendum: Interview 3145-01

Interviewed: SCP-3145

Interviewer: Dr. Falzon

Foreword: On ██/██/████, SCP-3145 breached containment, attacking all personnel in sight. A break in suppressive fire was caused by equipment malfunction, during which SCP-3145 held up its hands and requested to speak with "the man in charge". As the highest-ranking personnel present trained in object interrogation, Dr. Falzon was brought to enact an interview as support personnel worked to repair containment equipment.

<Begin Log, 19:57>

Falzon: SCP-3145, how are you enjoying your accommodations?

SCP-3145: Oh, great, Doc, just great. Don't get out often, but [laughs] when I do, it's a real show!

Falzon: Would you be willing to explain why you slaughter everyone you encounter every time you escape your coffin?

SCP-3145: Eh. [shrugs] 'Cause I feel like it, I guess. Gets the old blood pumpin', you know what I mean?

Falzon: I see. Is there any way I can convince you to return to your containment cell peacefully? You've already killed fifteen personnel. Surely that is enough to, ah, get your blood pumping, as you put it.

SCP-3145: Hm, ah, hm, I dunno. I mean, sure, you guys always come up with some cool new doodad to try and stop me every time I bust out. It's a good challenge, right? And maybe I could settle down for a bit to let you fix your… [gestures to personnel] Fair's fair and all, right?

Falzon: It would be most equitable of y—

SCP-3145: Nah, just kidding, gonna kill you all! [laughs] Buckle up!

<End Log, 20:03>

Closing Statement: No personnel present survived the attack. SCP-3145 was neutralized via flooding the PCZ with seawater. Efforts to ensure high quality and good repair of containment equipment is ongoing.

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