Heed Now All True Souls The Most High Words Of Your Chaplains Regarding: The Enemy

A prayer is given first for absolution.1 Documentarians of the True Foundation are forced by technical restrictions to use the impure templates of an organization preceding the Cleansing. Focus your hearts on the content of the message and do not allow the heresies of the impure dead to influence you. Report any such influence to your local Spiritual Chaplain's office.

This knowledge blessed by They-That-Watched-Over (secure contain protect us all) and dispensed this twelfth day of the third month of the Sixth True Year.

Item #: SCP-2998

Object Class: Nehemoth

Special Containment Procedures: Kill the Enemy where possible. Do not attack the Enemy unless you are in force and can do so without sacrificing your position. Do not allow the Enemy to see you during attack, and leave the area after the attack to avoid reprisal. Hide in a secluded location after a successful attack and do not return home for three (3) days. Do not allow the Enemy to capture crusaders. Make martyrs of the crusaders that are taken by the Enemy, for their trials shall be overmuch and the danger to the True Foundation is limitless. Crusaders that allow comrades to be taken alive by the enemy shall be punished with termination. Do not capture the Enemy! Their craft allows them to track their fellow devils and our home shall be threatened.

Kill the enemy where possible. Use stealth at all times. Do not allow the enemy to see you, for they may report your position to their masters. Do not capture live enemy! Their masters can track them to our home if they are alive. The crusaders most successful in capturing enemy each month will be rewarded with increased rations.

Kill the enemy at will. Bring the enemy home for assignment to Recycling Duty. Do not listen to the enemy! His lies are poison to crusaders of the True Foundation! The crusaders most successful in capturing enemy each month will be rewarded with increased rations.

Description: SCP-2998-A is the Enemy. The Enemy's soldiers take the form of beings of a similar shape as humans, appearing entirely black2 with a hardened, nonsegmented carapace. The anatomy of Enemy soldiers is not understood; no tools currently in the possession of the True Foundation can penetrate their skin. Rumors of their internal anatomy spread or gathered from the enemy are considered Level 2 Heresies and may not be repeated aloud. The weapons of the Enemy are not understood by the True Foundation, but it is a certainty that they are effective only on those crusaders that allow themselves to be struck by those weapons. There is no need for knowledge of the tools of the Enemy where avoidance of the Enemy will suffice.

SCP-2998-B is the enemy. The enemy consists of those humans seduced by the song and signals of the Enemy into joining their ranks. The vast majority of the enemy were recruited during the Air Wave Corruption that heralded the end of the last era; any humanity within them was lost in the years since. Some records from the impure organization that preceded the Cleansing suggest that the Enemy possesses attributes that render humans unable to resist their signals. The True Foundation considers all words of the impure to be Heresies of various levels; however, many Chaplains have granted moral forgiveness to the enemy on an individual basis and suggested it should apply as a general precept for all of the enemy. This opinion is permitted. The enemy is vulnerable to all standard weaponry and should be terminated or reassigned to Recycling Duty as prescribed in the Procedures of Containment.

SCP-2998-C is the enemy. The enemy is the source of all heresy. The enemy consists of all those remnants of the impure organization that preceded the Cleansing; any organization or group that rejected the ascension of the Chaplains upon the fall of They-That-Watch-Over (secure contain protect us all) are considered part of the enemy. By writ of the Chaplains, the enemy are divided into two orders:

  • Those humans that have been exposed directly to the beseechings of the True Foundation OR transgress within territory contained by the True Foundation and refuse to accept the secure containment and protection of the Chaplains. These are Level 2 heretics and are subject to capture and Recycling Duty without moral forgiveness.
  • Those humans who are outside the area of North America. No contact with these humans has been recorded since the Darkening and the likelihood of contact is low. The High Chaplainry theoretically posits that this group may be considered enemy or civilian and authorizes any local Chaplain to make this determination should the situation arise.

Blessings unto all soldiers of the Great Crusade. Death to SCP-2998.

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