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Item #: SCP-2998

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation has modified radio frequency and electronics manufacturing standards worldwide to avoid civilian production of devices capable of converting SCP-2998 into audiovisual signals. Internet, radio, and print communications monitoring efforts by relevant Foundation departments are to be on alert for images or descriptions relating to SCP-2998. The frequency on which SCP-2998 is broadcast is to be monitored regularly for any change in SCP-2998 content. All extraterrestrial vessels and probes are to be modified covertly to include equipment designed to monitor for the presence of SCP-2998 off-world. Research to determine the source of SCP-2998 and the background behind its content is to continue as a Class 6 priority effort. Research to determine the cause of and treat or prevent the anomalous effects associated with SCP-2998 exposure is to continue as a Class 6 priority effort.

Description: SCP-2998 is an electromagnetic signal with a constant frequency of 2485 MHz. Its power and origin cannot be determined; the signal appears to be invariably present at all locations throughout the known solar system. The signal seems to lack a single point of origin, and is for all intents and purposes omnipresent.1 As the signal has been found to be ubiquitous by every receiver capable of detecting it both on- and off-Earth, it is presently believed that SCP-2998 may be broadcasting throughout the universe simultaneously.

The signal itself appears to be an anomalous but innocuous white noise present at that frequency; minor variances suggest the presence of some other information within the signal, but no means to discern comprehensible information from SCP-2998 have yet been developed. However, Foundation researchers have noted correlations between exposure of personnel to SCP-2998 in any form perceptible by humans (including auditory or visual form) and the development of unusual neurological and psychological symptoms, including paranoia, severe anxiety, and decreases in thiamine levels in the brain, leading to a form of sudden-onset Korsakoff's syndrome. This deficiency is said to explain the amnestic-confabulatory symptoms of SCP-2998 exposure, which causes individuals determined to be vulnerable to these symptoms to develop increasingly vivid hallucinations regarding a [DATA EXPUNGED] abate with reintroduction of thiamine to the diet and have not yet caused permanent harm to affected individuals.

Addendum 2998-A: As of ██/██/████, little progress has been made in determining the nature or content of any additional information within SCP-2998. However, advances in cryptoanalytical techniques and several breakthroughs in [DATA EXPUNGED] have prompted SCP-2998 researchers to predict significant development in the decoding of the signal within the next three months.

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