This file and all associated documents are for Counterconceptual Division eyes only. If you can remember reading this you have received Y-M conditioning and are currently undergoing Class W mnestic treatment. If you can read this, and are not authorized, countercognitive and memetic kill agents are in place to ensure that you do not live to remember it.

Item #: SCP-2111

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2111 is currently uncontained. All personnel undergoing mnestic treatment are vulnerable. Personnel are to be monitored for sudden memory loss and, in the event of a suspected attack by SCP-2111, Class-B amnestics are to be administered immediately. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-7 ("Forget-Me-Nots") is to continuously monitor and disrupt civilian development of mnestics.

The Memetics Department's RED TALISMAN program is to be monitored for external influence, and REVENANT THEORY is to be enacted in the event a threat is detected.

Instances of Golf-Class glyphs in Foundation facilities are to be documented and removed by Division personnel embedded in Facilities and Maintenance, whenever discovered.

This file is to be secured with Bravo-Class Counterconceptual Camouflage in addition to standard network security measures.

Description: SCP-2111 is a hostile antimemetic entity that targets personnel under the effect of long-term mnestic drug treatment. Victims suffer significant long-term retrograde amnesia, losing between three months and twenty-one years of memory. Due to memory loss, no survivors have been able to describe the entity or the attack. Immediate treatment with Class B amnestics has been shown to halt in-progress attacks.

The first known victim was Dr. Victoria Taylor, a Foundation researcher with the Counterconceptual Division. Researcher Taylor's memories were regressed to shortly after being recruited by the Counterconceptual Division in 1974. Researcher Taylor's last known work was on an object originally classified as SCP-2111. After publishing the SCP Report on 04/21/1981, all of her work on the object was corrupted by unknown means and replaced with lethal cognitohazards and antimemetic content. Personnel who had read the report in the three hours it was available recollect that it described preliminary research into an antimemetic infovore of a previously unknown type.

SCP-2111 attacks affect personnel directly, consistent with known infovorous mechanisms, as well as leaving cognitohazardous and antimemetic glyphs on wall surfaces near intended victims. These traps are protected by Golf-Class Counterconceptual Camouflage1 and are therefore only visible to personnel undergoing mnestic treatment.

At least thirty-six Division personnel have suffered attacks by SCP-2111. The last direct attack attributed to SCP-2111 was on 03/01/1994. While camouflaged glyphs are still being detected, they no longer contain any dangerous effects. It is currently unknown if SCP-2111 is still active or if the ongoing Golf-Class creation is the result of unrelated phenomena.

Three months following the incident with Researcher Taylor, the Foundation's Memetics Department claimed the SCP-2111 directory in the database and began mining it for their RED TALISMAN weaponized cognitohazard program. Covert research by the Counterconceptual Division into the relationship between SCP-2111 and the Memetics Department is ongoing. A contingency plan, codenamed REVENANT THEORY, has been developed in the event that it is determined that the Memetics Department has been compromised by SCP-2111. REVENANT THEORY will insert a complex memetic agent into the RED TALISMAN user interface. The REVENANT THEORY agent is a carrier for a broad-spectrum antimemetic counteragent as well as a targeted meme complex that enhances organizational loyalty and personal guilt. This will trigger an institutional witch-hunt within the Memetics Department starting with those most likely to have been exposed to any contamination.

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