This file and all associated documents are for Antimemetics Division eyes only. If you are able to remember reading this you have received M-Y conditioning and are currently undergoing Class W mnestic treatment. If you are not authorized to view this and are able to, you have been infected with an antimemetic remote amnestic agent.

Item #: SCP-2111

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Belief in SCP-2111 as an algorithm controlled by the Foundation is to be maintained within the Memetics Department, and its assumed role as a Memetics Department administrative asset is to be maintained within the Foundation as a whole. Monitoring software has been put in place to ensure that SCP-2111 activity does not occur outside of this directory. The size of this directory is to be monitored, and significant changes are to be reported to the Division Chief.

SCP-2111-1 instances are to be documented and then removed by Division personnel embedded in Facilities and Maintenance, whenever discovered.

This file is to be protected by a Type III in-line invisibility antimeme in addition to standard network security measures.

Description: SCP-2111 is a phenomenon in which a directory in the Foundation database spontaneously generates files containing both lethal cognitive hazards and anti-memetic content. These files are often of novel types, and generate at an average rate of 80 KB per month. Occasionally and unpredictably some of these files will be spontaneously deleted. RIDDEN TONGUE is a software-based tool that skims these files for raw material for Foundation use, sanitizes it for security threats and then feeds it as raw data to the Memetics Department's RED TALISMAN software.

The first SCP-2111 file appeared on 04/21/1981. It was heavily encrypted, protected by a Type IV antimemetic trigger and appeared to originate from within the Foundation. Within three hours, before Division personnel could decrypt it, it was edited and replaced with a file containing lethal cognitohazards and antimemetic content.

SCP-2111-1 is a phenomenon where graffiti appears spontaneously in Foundation facilities. This graffiti is painted in nonanomalous materials sourced from the nearby environment. SCP-2111-1 instances are constructed as Type IV antimemetic triggers1, and are imperceptible except via a combination of M-Y conditioning and mnestics. This graffiti typically is of one of two types: 73% contain an exhortation to read this directory (e.g. "READ SCP-2111") while the remainder contain a variable message (characteristic examples follow, see Appendix A for the full list):
Date Location Message Medium Notes
06/23/1981 Site-13 Cafeteria "CAN ANYBODY EVEN READ THIS?" Chocolate Pudding
02/14/1984 Researcher Amos Sanchez's office at Area-152 following his suicide "Forget Us!" Blood and Brain Tissue
05/08/1989 The office of O5-8 at Site-200 "Let me go!" Permanent Marker Contained a Type IX antimemetic trigger capable of inflicting severe retrograde amnesia.
08/17/1993 Site-167 Antimemetics Division Headquarters Command Center "Why can't you forget about me?" Printer Ink Contained a Bryx-Nogel visual cognitohazard and resulted in the deaths of seven Division personnel.
03/10/1994 Site-01, O5 Council Chamber "Mission Accomplished. -ΩZulu" Erasable Marker on Whiteboard
02/11/2003 Site-41, Lab S041-B08-053 "I'm not strong enough. He forgets me." Lead glass particles presumed to originate from a CRT display. See SCP-4739 and Incident Report: COLORLESS IDEA
01/29/2015 Chief of Operations Office, Site-167 Antimemetics Division Headquarters "Why has O5-8 stopped taking his medicine?" Pencil See Incident Report: OCHER MINERAL
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