This file and all associated documents are for Memetics Department eyes only. If you can read this you have undergone Phase III countermemetic training. If you are not authorized to view this and are able to, you have been infected with a memetic kill agent with an average lethal onset of thirty-seven minutes: report to your RAISA supervisor immediately.

Item #: SCP-2111

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Access to the SCP-2111 data is restricted to personnel with 3/2111/RED TALISMAN clearance with a current Phase III countermemetic battery certification. Data is to be only accessed or viewed through the RED TALISMAN interface. Unauthorized personnel who access the files are to be detained, treated for exposure to lethal cognitohazards and memetic content, and either amnesticized or terminated at the discretion of RAISA.

This file is to be protected with a SNARK HUNT disinterest/disgust memetic agent in addition to standard network security measures.

Description: SCP-2111 is an algorithm capable of generating an infinite number of novel lethal cognitive hazards. The algorithm was derived by the Foundation from analysis of multiple unrelated cognitohazardous anomalies and adapted for the creation and maintenance of lethal cognitive weapons used for information and physical security as well as memetic packages for behavior modification vectors. RED TALISMAN is the software-based tool that deploys raw material generated by SCP-2111 into weaponized media. RED TALISMAN can generate direct visual or auditory cognitohazards as well as insert hazardous material into memetic carriers. SCP-2111 functions by anomalous means, currently theorized to have access to forms of mathematics that create destructive processing loops when translated to neurological systems.

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