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Title of the page: Technical Notice RE:SCP-2


To alleviate your concerns,

No, SCP-2 is not an attempt to use the limitless supply of a dead god's power to eliminate the burgeoning worldwide energy crisis. No, it is not a clandestine black ops militarisation campaign to gain a foothold on rogue Groups of Interest. And no, it is not the nadir of the Foundation because we found something under a rock we should have never laid eyes on, and it's going to enslave us all.

It's just some stupid bug in the network. That's all it is. I promise. Why would I approve an SCP-2 designation? Do you take me for a blithering moron? And stop trying to access it; it doesn't exist, and all these queries for it are giving the network a tremendous load that I can't be arsed to deal with.

I'm going to take a Tylenol for my tension headache, grab some tea, and get to work on this never-ending backlog of technical issues plaguing my inbox.

If you hear screaming, you'll know exactly why.

Technical Researcher Rosen
Infotech Department

This notice is CLOSED.

Do not reply for any reason unless you are RAISA or an IntSCPFN administrator.


INCIDENT REPORT S42-2018-10-22

On 22 October at 09:15 p.m. EDT, Site-42 detected disturbances in local reality ~5 km off the coast of North Carolina, USA. These resulted in the manifestation of extreme weather conditions, intensifying for 30 min, and culminating in the formation of a 16-metre by 16-metre by 20-metre ellipsoidal wormhole. Response teams, preoccupied with the containment of SCP-████ at the time, were unable to dispatch to the wormhole.

Five hours after the event began, Site-42 systems underwent an inexplicable mass power surge. Site Command detected the surge originating within the R&D Wing's AIC Simulspace Projection Chamber. The chamber was unscheduled for use at the time. Site Director Dr. Theron Sherman ordered a site-wide lockdown and investigation.

During this time, an energetic cluster of high-level Élan-Vital Energy particles concentrated 500 metres above the site. A Grade-3 Thaumaturgic Projectile arced from this location and hurtled toward the ocean at supersonic speeds, generating atmospheric shockwaves and causing failure to the local power grid.

Shortly after emergency generators activated and security teams secured the containment wing, all disturbances ceased.

Inspection teams could gather no further information.

thy vows are all broken
and light is thy fame
i hear thy name spoken

now 2wo share my shame


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