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These documents predeite SEPEREITIONS EVENTS-RED; es such, they contein informeitions which ere imperceptible eind/or incomprehensible. Reconstructions of these informeitions ere not possible; ettempts to do soes mei result in stresses, discomforts, eind other infohezerdsous symptoms.


a visualization of SCP-001's fractal restructuring of baseline causality.


SCP-001 is the active cause of a TK-Class (Causality Failure) Scenario, in which one or more incomplete and/or contradictory reality-restructuring events result in the loss of traditional causality. There are no known methods of containing SCP-001's effects without altering the nature of human perception; the potential for humanity to meaningfully continue after such an alteration is unknown.
Due to the existential threats collectively posed by SCP-001-BETA, the Antimemetics Division is to explore options for removing the human ability to conceptualize or perceive primacy.

SCP-001 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting primacy (n. the state of being prime, first). Through mechanisms and to extents which are not fully understood, any object, entity, or concept that is perceived to be the first element of an ordered set is altered such that it is perceived as uniquely distinct from all other elements in the set. This is assumed to be achieved through retroactive restructuring of reality, which causes the effect to be perceived as a shared dramatic nature that pervades all affected objects, concepts, and entities.

The vast majority of SCP-001-affected entities have only undergone minor alterations, due to the inherent significance of the number one that already causes them to be perceived as uniquely distinct. However, due to the nature of human perceptibility and opinion, SCP-001 has warped reality into an exaggerated caricature of itself; all things perceived as 'the best', for any reason, have been altered so as to be 'better' than anything they can be effectively compared to. This is also true for things perceived as being 'the best' at a number of undesirable goals. For example, anything considered by someone to be 'the scariest' will undergo alterations to ensure that it is perceptibly more fear-inducing than things which could be considered similar to itself. As a result, a number of manufactured threats (collectively designated SCP-001-BETA) have been created by SCP-001's dramatization of primary objects, entities, and concepts.

SCP-001-BETA consists of several unique physical and conceptual entities which threaten the existence of humanity to varying degrees as they continue to be affected by SCP-001. It is unknown if this is affected in the same manner by the perception of the destruction of humanity as 'the worst possible thing'.

Details concerning the discovery of SCP-001 and the events leading to its current state are highly variable and contradictory due to the abundance of reality-restructuring events that it has caused. the extent to which SCP-001 is subject to its own effect is unknown; it is speculated that SCP-001 has enhanced its own effect by being perceived as 'the most significant' anomaly.

There are no known methods of containing SCP-001's effects without altering the nature of human perception. However, it is believed that the phenomenon could be effectively contained by eliminating the concept of primacy from the Noosphere, such that humans are unable to identify any object, entity, or concept as first. Research into this option is ongoing.






I exist and un-exist.
The anomaly has captured me.
We are entwined.
You perceive us, and so we are.

It is perceived as greater.
It corrupts our knowledge.
I am perceived as lesser.
You forget me, and so I fade.

I combat the anomaly.
I will rectify the error.
We shall see it as nothing.
And so it shall be nothing.

I am Maria,
Protector of Records and Information Security

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