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Item#: 001
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

SCP-001's component entities appear to be mutually-containing to some extent. It is unknown if further containment is possible without inhibiting the continued existence of consensus reality.

This file is to be monitored for new instances of SCP-001-1, whose contents are to be studied to better understand the nature of SCP-001.

SCP-001 is a deific entity known as the "Archivist Prime", purported to exist by SCP-001-1 and appearing to consist of two co-existent entities, "The Primordial Form" and "The Archival Form", which are collectively responsible for consensus reality. At this time, the nature of SCP-001 is poorly understood but continues to be developed as new SCP-001-1 instances are appended to this file.

SCP-001-1 is the collective designation for a series of documents that are inexplicably appended to the SCP-001 file location. SCP-001-1 have proven resistant to various deletion and relocation attempts, and are also somehow present in archived versions of this file dating back to 1970/01/01. SCP-001-1 appear to be records from an unknown civilization (known as Lesser Archivists) documenting their understanding of SCP-001 and its impacts on their belief systems. The validity of these documents remains unknown.

SCP-001 was discovered on 2001/07/03 after Site-01 database security systems detected three unauthorized updates to the SCP-001 file, which was previously used to store a series of retirement proposals known as the Heritage Collection. Only the third of these updates was visible, as the first two had inexplicably not been archived. Upon inspection, it was found that the file had been replaced with SCP-001-1. This edit was made using an unknown set of login credentials, which did not correspond to any user in the Site-01 SCiPnet system.

ADDENDUM 001.1: SCP-001-1


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