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Item#: 001
Containment Class:
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Any potential methods of discerning SCP-001-A's existence are to be thoroughly explored under the supervision of O5-1. Until the existence of SCP-001-A can be conclusively verified, all Foundation documentation concerning the anomaly is to be altered to reflect the iteration present on Site-01's internal archives. Documents suggesting the existence of SCP-001-A are to be archived separately for research purposes.

Personnel possessing less than level 5 clearance are to be informed that SCP-001-A has never existed, and is the result of a hostile informational entity which has since been neutralized.


An alleged image of SCP-001-A.

SCP-001 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting either (or both):

  • the Site-01 internal database and the memories of Site-01 personnel.
  • all other Foundation databases and the memories of all other Foundation personnel.

Through mechanisms and to extents that remain unknown, SCP-001 has affected Foundation documentation to legitimize either the existence or non-existence of SCP-001-A. Site-01 possesses no evidence outside of this document confirming the existence of SCP-001-A, whereas all other Foundation databases store alternate versions of these documents which corroborate its existence. Similarly, Site-01 personnel claim no knowledge of SCP-001-A, while over 80% of remaining personnel claim distinct memories of its name, image, and related documentation.

SCP-001-A is Maria Jones, an alleged member of Site-01 personnel. Foundation databases, except for the Site-01 internal database, consistently suggest the following details:

  • SCP-001-A is the Director of RAISA and has been for over a decade.
  • SCP-001-A displays exceptional loyalty to the Foundation and its objectives.
  • SCP-001-A has been instrumental in the proper containment and archival of a multitude of anomalies.

Site-01 documents, however, suggest that RAISA does not have a Director position and that its associated responsibilities are typically assigned to the current O5-1. A supposed image of SCP-001-A (as seen above), present in several documents, is actually an image of American Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm; this has led to speculation that SCP-001 has also either accessed or directly affected public historical records.

SCP-001 was discovered on 2001/07/02 after Site-01 database security systems detected two unauthorized updates to the SCP-001 file, which was previously used to store a series of retirement proposals known as the Heritage Collection. Only the second of these updates was visible, as the first had inexplicably not been archived. Upon inspection, it was found that the SCP-001 proposal file had been replaced with a single, unformatted document that read "Maria Jones does not exist". This edit was made using an unknown set of login credentials, which did not correspond to any user in the Site-01 SCiPnet system; however, external systems verified that the credentials corresponded with a user named Maria Jones.



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