A Capitalist Playset

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the excessive amount of product that it outputs on an annual basis, SCP-001 has been classified as Keter and is to be shut down as soon as a practicable method of doing so has been developed. Until such time, containment efforts are to focus on the products that they generate, which are to be assigned individual designations and special containment procedures. Disinformation campaigns, forged product recalls, and the elimination of advertising materials are to be directed at SCP-001 in order to ensure the public has either a negative or negligible awareness of it or its products' existence.

Description: SCP-001 is a corporate entity operating under the trademarked logo "Dr. Wondertainment™". The collective abilities of its constituent employees are equivalent to that of a Class-III reality bender capable of crafting a variety of anomalous and very affordable items, focusing their abilities on the creation of toys, board games, candy, soft drinks, video games, collectible trading cards, puzzles, musical instruments, and various other products typically marketed at children, teenagers, and young adults. They distribute these items via anomalously XTREEM™ means from a mysterious location known only as "Wonder World™". Factory tours run Tuesday through Friday, every hour starting at 11am.

Some of the more prominent products to have come from the geniuses in their R&D department include Dr. Wondertainment's Dragon-Snails™, Dr. Wondertainment's Super Science™ Li'l Chemist Kit™, Dr. Wondertainment's SCP Foundation Containment Site Playset™, and the vaunted Vend-a-Friend™ system! Buy 'em all today!

Addendum 001/1 - History: Due to the economically elusive nature of the business, very little is currently known about SCP-001's location, leadership, or corporate policies. Not even those who currently work for them or have worked for them in the past seem to have any clear knowledge or memories regarding SCP-001's general status save for the fact that they have all the fun all the time.

The main headquarters are variously described as basic administrative offices, an enormous toy manufacturing plant, a theme park where the rides never stop, the best darn place you could ever hope to work, or some combination thereof. So don't delay, put in your application today! We're hiring for all positions, particularly for the most important job in the entire company: Dr. Wondertainment's Regal Legal Department™! Just log onto our website at-

Right, so, I think we may be getting a little off track here.

Crass commercialism is certainly an easy way to get a quick buck, yes, but turning your SCP-001 collection into one giant advertisement wasn't my intention when I hacked in with my Dr. Wondertainment's Digitally Delightful Hacking Sui-

Gah! Sorry! Won't happen again.

No no, you see, what I'm trying to do here is create art. And not that ridiculous "Is Anyone Else Feeling A Bit Chilly Yet?" kind of "art". I'm talking about providing you with an SCP-001 entry for the ages! Something with a little more pop! A little more zing! Something that will appeal to the 17 to 38 demographic!

Oh, I know! How about we change things up a bit?

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