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[3:01]: Lague speeds through the hallways of Site-01. The handle of a leather briefcase is gripped firmly in his hand. He is already late.

[3:04]: He approaches a guarded door. Two armed men frisk him, finding no suspicious items. Lague appears annoyed.

[3:05]: The door is opened, leading into a short hallway. It terminates at two steel elevator doors. Lague checks his watch, cursing to himself when he realizes he's five minutes late.

[3:06]: Lague places his head on the chinrest of the biometric scanner. A beam of light shines on his face. A beep is heard. The elevator doors open.

[3:07]: The director enters the elevator, the doors closing loudly behind him. He begins his descent, tapping his foot rapidly as he stares at his watch.

[3:08]: The elevator arrives at its location. Lague quickly exits, power walking towards the council room of the Overseers.

[3:09]: Lague stands outside of the meeting room's door. He unlocks the clasps on his briefcase, retrieving a large stack of stapled papers and a USB hard drive. Lague stares at his writing.

SCP-001 Draft

Researched By: Director Paul Lague

[3:10]: The door's buzzer is heard. Lague may enter.

Present to the Overseer Council?

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