Information: The oddity appears to be the ruins of a building from a bygone era, filled with technological marvels. Throughout the rooms and halls are glyphs belonging to an otherwise unencountered language, which we are still in the process of deciphering; what we do comprehend appears to imply that the surviving levels are called ‘Sub-Level 3’, ‘Sub-Level 4’, ‘Sub-Level 5,’ and ‘Sub-Level 6.’

Many of the rooms are devoted towards containing what we believe are highly sophisticated Kronak-Vivelofos Energised Analysation Automatons. They are built in a manner that is quite different from how our own are produced, however given time we have developed a method of interfacing ours with those remaining.

We have discovered that these devices contain a vast library of documents about oddities, many of which we have already found and obtained, but the information we learnt has strongly assisted us in keeping control of these oddities.

Not only that, but what we understand has also led us to believe that the creators of this marvellous wonders lived in a time far more peaceful than our own; the world they lived in was not plagued with oddities as ours now is. It was not wracked by war and chaos and death, but peace, prosperity, and life.

It is the decision of the High Elders that this time is far superior to what has come now, so we shall seek to restore Geopha Mundus to its former glory.

We believe we have discovered the schematics for a device that will allow the branches of time to retract back to this era, renewing the world beneath the older sun. Although much of these schematics has been lost – the Automatons are, for mysterious purposes, unwilling to tell us the full scope of this wonder – it is the agreement of the High Elders that we know enough to estimate what must be done.

Of course, we will make sure to warn that previous time of our dreary present, their future, so that it will never have come to pass. A message, written in their language as best as we can comprehend, will be put into their Automaton – since it survived for this long, it should do the same in reverse.

In case that does not work, we will also send back an ambassador, empowered by some of the oddities we control, so that they can ensure the branches of time continue to grow and flourish, while pruning back our withering future.

Maintenance: The oddity does not appear to need any ongoing maintenance beyond making sure it does not collapse on itself.

As such, maintenance should focus on keeping the oddity clear of unwanted Incursors or Decaying Acolytes. We must ensure this oddity remains intact; it may be our only hope of a brighter future.

Supplement: The message the High Elders have transcribed to the bygone era is as follows, in the dominant language present within the Oddity:


message us construct. Special Containment Procedures Foundation two us. Special Containment Procedures Foundation you before.


temporal Apollyon XK-Class us compare temporal Safe you. anomaly Explained us compare anomaly Euclid Thaumiel you. Lifted Veil us compare you.

database you temporal us temporal. anomaly database Thaumiel us. revise temporal you Decommissioned temporal us.

database you anomaly construct data. anomaly temporal us revise temporal you containment revise. anomaly construct us revise temporal. revise temporal Safe you temporal Apollyon XK-Class us.

database us temporal you. database us Thaumiel you.

Best regards,
Special Containment Procedures Foundation two O5 Council.

> database

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