Special Containment Procedures: None.

Description: SCP-001-D (formerly designated as SCP-001 (Δ)) allegedly was a causal loop that resulted in the cyclic recreation of three similar but distinct timelines. These timelines diverged at the time of the Foundation’s establishment, under three distinct circumstances:

  • The Founder becomes an anomaly during the process of establishing the Foundation. The founding Overseer Council1 contain it as an SCP-001, as per the Founder’s original wishes.
  • An anachronistic Mobile Task Force (Alp-0), believed to originate from the terminus of one of the timelines, provides the Founder with the schematics for an anomalous device and assists them in constructing it. The Foundation is established expressly to study this device, beginning with the founding Overwatch;2 the Founder is later recognised to be anomalous, and willingly submits to containment as an SCP-001.
  • An anachronistic military force, believed to be MTF Alp-0 or an alternate rendition of such, assassinates the Founder. The founding High Command3 completes the establishment of the Foundation in their absence, and contains the anomalous corpse of the Founder as an SCP-001.

In all cases, SCP-001-D was discovered through the preservation of files within the main Foundation database across all timelines, purportedly enabled through standard anomalous protection countermeasures. It is noteworthy that SCP-001-D was discovered by the (current/remaining timeline’s) Foundation when several corrupted files were discovered throughout the main database.

SCP-001-D was reportedly decommissioned through a join effort between the Overseer Council, Overwatch and High Command. Information recovered from the surviving files strongly suggests, however, that the decommissioning of SCP-001-D has resulted in a timeline drastically less viable than its predecessors, as the entirety of the SCP catalogue – of which all but seventeen only existed in one of the three timelines produced by SCP-001-D – have been forced to co-exist within the same timeline.

As evidenced by rampant containment failures, the loss of numerous critical Sites and Areas, and ongoing underfunding despite assistance through the Bowe and Mulhausen Commissions, it is infeasible for any singular Foundation to function effectively under such conditions; furthermore, the ongoing ZK-Class Rat’s Nest Scenario proves that no singular timeline is capable of supporting the coexistence of numerous anomalies with conflicting properties.

SCP-001-D has been marked as a point of investigation for Project Lif. In the event the Lifthrasir Protocol is initiated, the conditions under which SCP-001-D was neutralised – as detailed from surviving files – is to be replicated with the inclusion of SCP-14089, SCP-24601 and SCP-55555, in the hope doing so will result in the production of a more viable timeline.

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