Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-001 is personally overseen by Overwatch.

Description: SCP-001 is comprised of SCP-001-1, a human, and SCP-001-A, a mechanical device. SCP-001-A was constructed by SCP-001-1.

SCP-001-1 is immortal, and does not age. Although SCP-001-1 can be physically damaged and will heal at an appropriate rate for a mundane human, its longevity enables it to recover from more severe injuries if given sufficient time to do so.

SCP-001-1 vocally supports the containment and analysis of anomalous phenomena, and is largely compliant in its own containment.

SCP-001-A is capable of producing detailed predictions of all possible outcomes for an input event. As SCP-001-A also considers the impact its predictions will have on the outcome of the event, it is assured that at least one outcome produced by SCP-001-A will occur.

Whenever SCP-001-1 and/or SCP-001-A are involved with an event beyond exclusively providing predictions on its outcomes, SCP-001-A will typically produce a significant number of blatantly incorrect predictions based upon one of the following false factors:

  1. That SCP-001-1 was allegedly assassinated by a military group prior to containment, and as a result, SCP-001-A was never constructed;
  2. That, along with its standard anomalous properties, SCP-001-1 also exhibits SCP-001-A’s anomalous properties, and that SCP-001-A was never constructed.
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