You. Me. Denny's Parking lot. Now.

Days continued to pass after the encounter, and everyday, you would think to yourself, "god, hell was that guy's deal. All I did was use a non-cc compliant image and they're trying to kill me!" You don't think much of it afterwards until you decide to check O5 Command a week after the encounter.



Wait. No, that's not what happened, right? That wasn't a conflict fought on an internet forum, that was real combat! Blood was shed! You nearly died!

But, then you wonder. Wait, you did both of those things. You wrote an anomalous Denny's then had a slapfight with an SCP Wiki moderator. You also walked up to a Denny's that, let's be honest, was probably anomalous and had a literal slapfight with said moderator.

The only logical explanation is that the Wiki is being forcefully translated into reality and that you're living in two simultaneous realities that are merging.

Either that or they put some funky shit in the Denny's liquor.

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