You. Me. Denny's Parking lot. Now.

It's 12:14 PM. You're on your way to, depending on who you ask, the worst/best place in this here side of Midwest America: Denny's. You can't exactly remember the last time you ate at Denny's, but you definitely remember the fried eggs being EXTREMELY chewy.

Before you can head inside and start your lower than average eating experience, you're stopped by a mysterious, bald figure, with a very similar appearance to former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.


"You. Me. Denny's Parking lot. Now."

Such a commanding voice, you thought. What does Eisenhower want with you?

"My name is Elenee Fishtruck. I am a member of the SCP Wiki Licensing Team, and you are found guilty of using an image found on a subreddit! Without confirmation that it's compatible with the Creative Commons license, no less."

Oh right, you did do that.

"I'm here to apprehend you and bring you to justice."

Well that's not fair! You were just going to go eat a slice of bacon or two and this jackass comes and tries to ruin your day. You know you won't escape this without a fight, and fight you shall.

What shall you do?

Tab #1: Punch them.

Tab #2: Kick them.

Click on the tabs to the right when prompted to choose your fate.

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